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New Kitten has pain with BM

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I just adopted--Monday--a 10 week old male kitten (Delbert). I have scheduled his first vet appointment for Saturday but I'm worried about his litter box behavior.

The last 2 days I've noticed him cry when he has a bowl-movement. The stool is loose but not super watery. He seems to go often but the amounts are no more than a 1-2 tsp. He always uses the box, eats very well, drinks plenty of water and is bright and active.

I think it is probably soreness from the loose stool and need to go often. His diet is different in my home (Solid Gold Indigo Moon (which my other cats eat)). I have added a bit of wet cat food as well but he likes to dry better.

So I'm hoping all is well and I'm just being a worried cat-mom! I'm sure if there is a problem the vet can find a good reason. In the mean time I just worry and wonder if anyone has any suggestions or comments.

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The rapid change in diet could be causing the problem. It's very important that you not change a cat's diet too quickly or it has the potential to cause upset tummies, diarrhea, and other digestive tract problems. Most likely the food you're feeding him is too rich for him. Also, at 10 weeks old, it's very important for him to be eating a high quality kitten food. Kitten food has lots of nutrients that growing kitties need. Regular cat food doesn't have everything a kitty needs.

Is there any way to switch him back to what he was eating before? You could gradually convert him to whatever new kitten food you choose. When I switch foods, I start with a 1:4 ratio. One part new food to 4 parts old food. The next week, I go 2:4, then the next week I go 3:4, then finally (hopefully) just new food.
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Hello. Thanks for advice.
The painful BM has gone away. He still has a bit of the runs. I don't know what food he was on when I got him. He's a freebie kitten. His poop was never really solid. I'm sure they had him on something like kitten chow. My father has his sibling and has had no trouble. Nerves might be part of it also, he's a bit shy and adapting slowly.
I figured that not knowing might cause some digestion issues. I was more alarmed at the crying more than anything. I was worried it might mean a bowl obstruction or constipation or something. You know, horrible thoughts of the worst.
I will still go over this with the vet tomorrow. I will talk to the vet about the food I am using. Solid Gold is high quality food for kittens, but he might need something different.
I need to get him caught up on shots and get him scheduled for a spay. I'm sure a vet visit will came my new kitten nerves.
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Hello. Just wanted update. Delbert had his first vet visit today. The vet said the loose stool was most likely due to stress and new diet.

All test were negative but they have him Revolution to any parasites. He was found to have few fleas so I'm treating all the cats!

The stool sample showed he had been eating some plant material. I don't have any real plants in the house. I think I found the culprit. One of my artificial plants has moss on the base and he has been playing around it. So that has been removed!

Just happy he is OK.
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That's good news! Glad he got a clean bill of health, except for the fleas of course. Let's hope once he settles in, the poo problem will disappear.
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