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Orijen here we come *Questions*

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Firstly an easy one is Orijen better than James Wellbeloved (this seems a little of a no brainer as Orijen is grain free and near another all meat and JW is 45% meat and has grain)

Ok heres what I am struggling with...

how much dry Orijen to feed my three cats?

In the morning my babies get 1 Natures menu pouch each.

Then around midday I leave out 100g of the Orijen in a big bowl in the kitchen and they help themselves. Is this the best option? I can't think of any other way to do it, but this means i can't really watch how much/little each of them is eating.

I would feed one natures menu mixed with orijen twice a day for each cat but I can't afford to do two wet feeds at the moment (it would cost me £120 a month which I just can't afford sadly and I won't feed them any nasty cheap stuff oh no no).

I also plan to give a chicken breast/salmon steak on a sunday and a dead mouse each on a Friday. I get a take away they get a dead mouse its all fun . So when they are having their "treats" should I cut back on Orijen maybe not give any on those days and just the natures menu pouch.. or maybe less orijen.. hmm.

Well thats it for now, they seem to love Orijen especially Amadeus
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I'm not a food expert. I've read that feeding fish..salmon..to cats on a regular basis is not good. Too many chemicals in the meat.

I feed Orijen to my cats. I have two males...and there's some issue with the high protein and male cats. I will watch my two males. They are Heinz 57 cats so hopefully they have stronger constitutions than purebred cats and won't develop crystal problems with the dry food.

My cats also get wet food twice a day. The dry is just a supplement. One cat loves dry food. I feed 1 cup dry split between two bowls. When it runs out, it runs out. Then he is hungry enough to eat the wet. I think it was just a habit with him. The other two love the wet, and will eat dry.

Hope that helps. Their wet food is Wellness. I should also say, I have three cats...one female...already mentioned the two males.
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