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Update on Angel

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Just got back from vet with Angel. She said any time now we will be having babies!!! WOO HOO!!!! I knew she was close. She does have tape worms but the vet doesn't want to treat her this close to delivery.

She also said that Angel looked to be very healthy and praised me for taking such good care of her being a rescue She wants me to call her as soon as she has them and let her know how many and such.

Angel will be staying inside from now own. My son, as I type is "supposedly" fixin his bed to where she can NOT get up under it. I have her a box fixed in his closet on one side. Tonight I will fix a place in the corner for the litter box and her own food and water supply.

I'm starting to get alittle excited now

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Oh, I just love your Zoey.....she is so pretty. Iam partial to gray kitties!!!

I have a gray/white one now that I adopted two years ago July but before that I had a solid gray persian for over 16 years. She was a sweetie, and then I had her Mom which was identical to her

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Aww thank you! Zoey gives purrs and thanky rubbs!!

Its funny, when I was looking to adopt a cat, I had my heart set on a gray stiped tabby.. but when I saw Zoey, she instantly adopted me. I LOVE her color and coat.. its so soft and shiny and silvery.. I think I am a gray cat lover too now!

You must be so excited for the arrival of the kittens. What do you plan to do with them? Keep them or adopt them out?
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yay! I am glad you have her indoors now, she will be much safer.

Good luck!
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Oh, I can't keep them. My husband would divorce me if we have any more animals!!! I have two of the babies promised to people but not sure how many she will have.....hopefully not many

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How exciting to be having new kittens soon! Hope we get to see pictures!

I remember years ago I had a mama cat that was pregnant. I prepared a nice box for her and low and behold she ended up having her babies on my bed anyway! I was suprised after I found the bed was relatively free of blood & fluids etc. What a gal my cat was! Her name was Pheobe and she was an all white short hair. Pheobe went on to have several litters of kittens and had each litter on top of my bed!


Tammie & Peaches
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