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10 week old

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hi my kitty is 10 weeks old I am curious as to what vet type things I need to take care off or any helpfull tips I havent had a cat ince i was 9 or 10 im 27 now thanks in advance
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Welcome! I noticed you posted a few days ago. Sorry it took so long for a reply.

As a little kitten he will need a series of shots. These keep him healthy from the most basic diseases that can kill cats. They are usually done in 3 doses. Depending on where you got the kitten he may have one done already and just need the other two. The vet will also want to check for parasites and do what they call a "fecal" which is when you bring in a poo for them to test.

Than as soon as it reaches the right weight he can be neutered. I think it is 2lbs.
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Welcome and congrats on your new fur baby!

Your kitten will also need worming every four-eight weeks for the first year of his life (some thing I was told by my vets). Also he will need treating for fleas!

Do NOT let your new baby out of the house till he has had all his shots and wait a week after he has compelted his vaccinations. Preferably also wait till aweek after neutering. Also consider the pros and cons of letting your pet out. Here in England its quite common for people to let their cats out but I believe not so much in America?

You also need a scratch post, the sooner your cat learns to use a scratch post the sooner your furniture gets saved !

Make your home an interesting place for your new kitten to explore, cardboard boxes left on their side, dens made out of a blanket over a chair. Cats can get bored easily and need stimulation and an enriched environment.

Consider a cat tree, cats have a natural urge to climb!! I don't have a cat tree at the moment but have placed soft cushions on top of bookcases and other high surfaces.

Nutrition is another highly important issue to consider. When looked into you may be suprised at some of the crap they get away with putting into cheap cat foods.

Make sure theres nothing lying about your cat could choke on, you'd be suprised, Amadeus pulled a carrier bag down from my dressing table and got the munchies. Luckily he'd only made a few holes and not eaten too much of it!!

I'd also say walk about with your shoes off, it beats hearing a painful yelp and possible serious injury.

Most of all enjoy being owned by a feline

Oh and another two things..

You should really start getting his claws used to the sensation of being clipped. The sooner he gets used to this the more calm he'll be when you do it when he's an adult!

Also introduce him to brushes (especially if he's got a long coat)! as soon as possible.

Oh yes and then theres pet insurance and I think thats all I can think of right now!

Oh one last thing cat carriers, don't put your cat carrier away from your kitten leave it out so he can get familiar with it from an early age. If you take the carrier away and only bring it out at vet times your baby is likely to associate the basket with the stressful experience of going to the vets. This won't be very helpful for you when your trying to put him into the carrier!!

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