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Do they ever slow down?

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I have a 2 yr old Manx and a 1 yr old Torty. They play and run 24 hours a day. Especially at night. They a re like vampires. I am lucky as they love each other, but they are not declawed and all the running and jumping is taking a toll. I am using the soft claws, but they chew them off pretty quickly. I am looking forward to the day I can actually place something out and not have to worry about them knocking it over and breaking it .
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Umm with two chances are they aren't going to slow down for awhile--at about 2 years of ago for both they'll slow down a bit. But they'll still want to play and test gravity with your stuff. Some things you just have to come to an understanding about it. Like I understand that my chances of having a christmas tree are slim to none--I'm okay with that.

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Ari is 4 years old and just ran through the house like his "white tornado" nickname. Some cats never slow down.
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I have a front, and a back, you can imagine the 'Indy 500' happenings at my house with two 1-yr old males!!! Yup, there go the throw rugs, the cat bowl placemat, even a dining room chair gets knocked over sometimes. The best thing is to get those 'things' out of their way....

Start saving to have the hardwood floor redone eventually, too!!! LOL
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Moose is 9 1/2 and still tears around like he's 9 weeks!
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Even my lumbering old senior gets an urge to run occasionally. The one year olds are non stop, the two year olds play a lot, and the three that are over three still tear around at least once a day.

With thirteen I'll never have a real Christmas tree with lights and proper decorations, (or cook Christmas dinner for the whole family here - too much cat hair everywhere - but it's fun to put out a little one with smallish plastic balls just for them to climb and bat the balls around.
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Panther has slowed down quite a bit (I think that might be why she's gotten a little pudgy). Squirrel has slowed down a little but still gets going when she plays.

One thing I've found, when you want them to calm down a bit, is to "overplay" them so that they get worn out. A laser pointer is good for this because you can run them across the room with a flick of the wrist. If they'll chase it along the ceiling or a wall, that's safer because their eyes won't get in the way of the beam that way.
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I resigned myself years ago to put anything I valued behind closed doors. That's why all my book / CD / DVD / china / curio cases have glass doors. You just have to out smart them.
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ugh I know exactly how you feel. Max is young, though. Thanks for dashing any hopes I had of him getting over it any time soon Just kidding. I found that the best solution is to remove all breakables and I don't allow drinks to be sat in carpeted rooms (especially red colored drinks). Also, anytime I use the stove I will stay with it until it cools. I worry that he will start zipping around the house and run across a hot burner. I don't really understand why cats do that. Max has gotten to the point that he can jump on almost anything without knocking it over when he is calm. It's that zipping around that causes so much havoc. I haven't had Max long enough to experience our first Christmas tree with him. He's gonna be a terror on our tree I'm sure....I can't wait Good luck with your kitties...they will grow out of it sooner or later...maybe.
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I was hoping to read "oh yeah, after 2 they become sweet furry fluffy little perfect kitties!!!" Not a chance. My Mainecoon, that just passed was an outdoor cat, but spent 99% if her time asleep on my back porch. I actually thought this was normal cat behavior. She was huge though so I guess weight is a factor in all animals. My youngins are on a disciplined diet, slim and stealth like. Maybe I should fatten them up a little.... (just kidding!)
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Just like people with children have to “kiddy proof†the home, it’s the same for animals. My house is pretty much “kitty proof†sadly, we can never have vases, plants, pretty decorative pieces. We can’t leave out pens, paper, wine glasses, anything breakable. We can’t leave out clothing (they lie on them), anything plastic has to be hidden. I can go on and on.

At night we have a fan constantly on, the white noise drowns out the obnoxiousness. Overall, we have absolutely no problems. Once the house is “kitty proofed†it pretty much stays that way since you learn fast to put things away.

My oldest is 2.5 and he is super obnoxious. I don’t see it slowing down anytime too soon lol.
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