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Need serious help!

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Hi all

Just got back home and realised that one of my kittens eyes looks extremely damaged - I have two and I notice they tend to play scratch some times and I think it must've gotten a little rough. It looks like his eyeball is popping out but I'm not sure what to do - I really can't afford a vet right now. I've uploaded a pic so if someone could tell me what I should do it would be great! (Ps: I dabbed it with cotton soaked in warm water - it seemed to be very painful for it though!)

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Oh my goodness!!! Seriously, theres nothing anyone here can do or say medical wise apart from that poor cat needs a vet like yesterday!.

Have you nothing you can sell to get some money, because this cat needs really urgent care because it'll be in pain!
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That looks really bad ! Run to a vet now. Work out a payment plan with the vet, anything.

This sticky thread from above has suggestions for when you can't afford a vet.

Nothing you could do at home right now will correct this.

If you wait....permanent damage may be done. Not fair to your cat.

Sorry, so very sorry for your baby. A vet is what you need.
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Are you sure that's just happend as well?, because i saw a dog like this on Animal Planet once and it had been like that for a while, and again in a great deal of pain

I would say that both eyes are damaged as well, not just one?!
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Some how you must get your cat into the vets today..that looks bad and really needs medical treatment
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Oh my goodness! I'll echo everyone else that this poor kitty definately needs to see a vet ASAP. That eye looks frighteningly like my Freya's when we first found her and she never did get more than about 5% vision back in it. There's also a risk of ulcers in the eye when it's that bad.

Please let us know how it goes.
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Your kitten HAS to be seen by a vet immediately. My Russian Blue kitten almost lost his eye do to rough playing and being scratched by his brother in the eye.
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Please find a way to get your kitty some vet care. There are many organizations who offer moneys to help you, and your vet may be able to recommend one. Your vet may accept a payment plan. Please, at least call and ask.
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