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Tickle My Tummy Tabby!

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This is Tabitha airing her belly ! It's been so warm lately. I cant help but having a tickle when she does this!
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Does she let you tickle that tempting tummy? One of my boys, Shadow, likes to display himself like that, but he's not so found of tummy rubs.
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Awww look at that tummy and that smile
All my babies like their tummies rubbed and kissed
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She does !! Both of mine LOVE thier tummies tickled. Ive never known a cat to like it! She rolls over for you so you can do it!
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Aww, that is so precious! Polly who's with my mom across the country LOVES belly rubs. Genever who is with me does not. She lays like that as if to say "Come and get it!" but then attacks your hand if you touch her tummy, which you have to do because it's too tempting! Lucky for me I've got her pretty well trained so she just grabs my hand and licks instead of bites.
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Tabby tummies are fun to play connect the dots, too.
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oh how adorable!
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Tabitha looks so content and happy!!!
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Oooooo - what a pretty tummy! So soft and fluffy!

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