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Happy GOTCHA DAY Shelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Pic heavy)

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So the feral mom and her kittens all disappeared after the Fourth of July (VERY noisy around here!) in 2002.... except Lazlo, who got left behind. So we brought him inside, not sure about the whole "cat" thing. We decided to keep him, so that week, Gary called all his cat loving friends and apologized to them for ever having said anything about not liking cats. We used to spend long days away at work.... so..... when the feral family returned from what turned out to be just an excursion.... we decided Lazlo needed a friend.

Shelly was the "tamest" of the kitties at that point (and Gary always thought he was the cutest). So this morning, seven years ago, Gary went outside, picked up Shelly, handed him through the door to me. Shelly looked up at me - realized that not only was he in my arms, he was somewhere strange - and he shot out of my arms like a rocket! Lazlo went after the moving target.... and we had a rolling hissing ball of fur.

Gary's mom was visiting, and we had to take her to the airport. We decided they weren't actually going to kill each other, so we left. When we got back, we searched high and low and couldn't find either of them. Did they figure some way out we didn't know about?

Nope. They were asleep, curled up together, in the crate. (We figure one of them cornered the other one in there, and they ended up just passing out - tired from fighting!).

Ahhh.... we've come such a long way.

Baby Shelly......

Shelly and Laz:

More pics to come.....

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Shelly, our Ambassador, always the good Big Brother!

Well.... not always....

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Our crazy, kooky Sheldon. Shelly, we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shel - we can't imagine our lives without you.

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Happy Gotcha Day Shelly
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Aww, happy Gotcha Day Shelley!

Those are great pics!
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Great pics, Laurie! Shelly sure is a cutie.

Happy Gotcha Day, sweet boy!!!
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Aw, Shelly is a handsome boy--and so good with the foster kittens! Happy Gotcha Day, Shelly!
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Shelly's a gorgeous little pumpkin Laurie, and a little love bug from the look of things
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Happy Gotcha Day Sheldon!
Those pics were great! Very sweet knowing where he came from

This is soooo adorable

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What a cutie she is!! Your cats are gorgeous!
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Thanks everyone!

Shel is such a sweetie. He curls up under my arm every night to sleep (after digging a nest ). It took him a little longer than usual to warm up to Bill (but Billy was the oldest Kitty we've brought inside). But Shelly's taken him under his wing now.

And Pam - I'd send that one to Anne for Caption This, but it already went through the first time around. That's little MaeMae chewing on his ear and sticking her paw in his eye. She was adopted by a TCS member.

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