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Daily Thread HUMP day July 15th

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Morning folks!

It's going to be sunny and warm today so I might bare my pearlies yet again. They have been hidden for so long, it has not been super warm here.

We are going to look at 2 more apartments tonight, and then that's it. We are deciding after that. There are like no apartments here that are half decent and affordable I fear we may get stuck in a dive. I can't wait until we can afford a house. I hate living among 1000 people in a building.

Not much else going guys have a good one!
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^ Good luck with the apt. hunting

It's supposed to be a warm one here too..... I might go in the pool for a bit.

Gonna go work with Mark for a bit today....that's bout it as for planned things.

Have a good day folks
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Good luck on the apartment. Hammy and I have been doing the same thing here. We have the chance to rent a real nice mobile home that is on my best friends family property of 300 acres and its beautiful there in the country but almost an hour from our jobs and we would have free child care there because my mom lives close but then we are facing an increase in gas for travel so large its almost cheaper to stay here and pay for child care. Its such a hard decision. Its suppose to be hot and humid and thunderstorms today glad im in an air conditioned office all day. lol
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Morning All!!

Sunny here as well, a little chilly right now but it is suppose to go to about 25 this afternoon so that will be good.

Nothing special planned for today, most likely just catch up on a couple things around the house, then sit on the deck and read this afternoon.

A little tired this morning for some reason so a nap may also be in order at some point.

The kitties are good, having their breakfast right now. They decided to stage their version of a kitty rodeo at about 5 this morning with all of them tearing back and forth from one end of the house to the other. Frankly they sounded like a herd of elephants.

Everyone have a great day
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3 more days until my wedding.

I got woke up by the phone ringing this morning. It was the manager of our grocery store telling me that I won a bbq from a contest I entered there a few months ago.

I just picked it up and its huge. It is worth $1,099.
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Morning everyone. Today mom comes back from Maine. We are just getting to paint her room now. Hopefully it isn't too smelly for her.

Princess is locked in the powder room. The boys were really picking on her and I am not sure if she used the litter box lately. So she is locked in the bathroom until she uses it.

I started my migraine medicine today. The doc just called to say I have high cholesterol still. He doesn't want me on medicine like my old doctor did. Somehow I have to eat better. So hard for me cause I love cheese and bread and not one for fruit and grains. It's also heredity which is why my old doctor had me on medicine.

Tomorrow the baby goes to his specialist for his neck. A few weeks ago his neck wasn't straight and he would look to his left. Of course now he does but we want to keep the appointment anyway. It's bright and early which will make it interesting especially since it's his feeding hour. He did sleep great the last two nights. 8:30-5:30 without feedings. whoohooo

One more day of beautiful A/C free weather.

Originally Posted by catlover19 View Post
3 more days until my wedding.

I got woke up by the phone ringing this morning. It was the manager of our grocery store telling me that I won a bbq from a contest I entered there a few months ago.
WOW 3 days! Congrats on both!
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Today is going to be like 107 I think!! HOT!!! Well last night I waited 6 hours in line to see Harry Potter. Got home 3am this morning, got up 6:30am went to the barn and jumped both boys, and now im going to teh grandparents, my cousin is in town and we are getting lunch, then I have my horse shoeing class tonight and have to pick my dad up at the airport at 10:30pm Im soooooo tired right now and I have no time for a nap and its not even noon here yet!! I think I am going to die!!!
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Cool, windy and raining here. I have to work this evening until midnight, so not doing anything exciting!
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Hello All!!

Well we had about 30 seconds of rain this morning-grrr..... We are going on 5 weeks without any measurable rain. Guess the sprinklers get turned on the gardens tonite.

Worked at a few clients today, mainly weeding/watering and deadheading. Still have to empty the truck and I want to wash it yet too. Its currently 81F (27C) and windy. That doesn't help the plants much either!!

The cats were determined to wake me up every two hours last nite. Thanks alot!!
Bender caught a good sized field mouse this morning. Its so funny he carries them proudly by their tail up to the house!! So we know have two cats that hunt. Hopefully they can take care of the rabbit population so they don't decimate my shrubs this winter.

Not much else going on today.

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