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need some info

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My cat ( R.I.P) Ghost , i found her as a stray i knew right along she seemed a lil unhealthy but i thought she might be a lil underweight so i feed her and housed her . Come to find out she was pregnant. She didnt gain much weight though and i kept a close eye on her.. one night she just stopped eating and moving and she was breathing heavily i knew it was too soon for her to go into labor so i figured in the morning i would take her to the vet because out here we only have two vet office and they close at 4. It was way pass that... The next day i checked in on her .. she was walking around blood everywhere and 5 kittens laid cold on the floor.. two were dead and still in their sacks they were born in and the other 3 were freezing cold and one had dry blood on it that it stuck to the floor. I quickly watched and realized that the mother would have nothing to do with the 3 living ones.. I checked her nipples and no milk would come out... The kittens hardly had fur on em and wrinkled skin ... they were tiny too smaller than the palm of my hand... I took them from her and started to try to get them warm after that i started to get food in them... 2 days go by and 2 of them dir suddenly at night, leaving only one left...

After that i went out to feed my cat and take her to the vet to get fixed when i noticed she wasnt doing so good i figured she just was having a hard time recovering because of the early labor she had gone through and i gave her a nice place to lay and took care of her but the next day she was dead... i coulda swore though before that she was looking and acting alot healthier ...(R.I.P)

So here i am taking care of this very premature kitten... Then his lil unopened eyes started to swell.. took him to his first vet at age 2 weeks... they cut his eye open to get the puss out and put him on some antibiotics ... ew he told me the kitty had a slight respiratory problem too.. at 4 weeks we took him back because his eyes opened but now was getting swollen again!!! put him on differ antibiotics and some eye drops .. also the vet pointed out a deformed foot...

he is now 5 weeks and will be 6 weeks sunday.. he is just a lil bigger than my hand and very livly you can still tell that he has a breathing problems every now and then but he is slowly getting better!! his foot fixed itself and im so thankful for that.. He purrs , his eyes are huge he is now getting into (play) biting my finger and he tries his hardest to run but he trips over his feet... Such a beautiful lil black and white kitten..

today i did notice something that worries me , it wil lbe another week before his check up with his vet ... His ribs dont seem right, they dont seem to connect at the very end... they seem to kind of fold near the end. Because he is so small will the ribs correct itself like the foot did or is this a serious deformity? I heard about FCK syndrome , could that be the reason? should i call the vet asap about it or just wait till the check up?
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IMO, if he is acting right, eating, drinking, playing, using the litter box, then you can wait until the next appointment - it sounds like it is just the way he is... In either case, you can always call the vet and ask if a visit is necessary.
Good luck with this little guy - he is definitely meant to be with you for life... he was in your destiny!
Oh, we would love pictures too, and welcome to TCS!!!
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My Oreo has fcks.
You do need to go to the vet and have him checked for that.
The vet told me Oreo should have died from it.
She is almost 2 and is only 5.9 pound and was half the size of the other kittens.
My Oreos lungs are not normal and her heart is tilted because of the fcks.
She is ok now other then that.
I hope your kitten will be ok.
Here is a link about fcks and
Pectus Excavatum
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Hope everything will be fine with your pet guys...
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The ribs sound normal to me. Here is a pic of normal ribs:

The last few ribs are always shorter, one day I noticed this on one cat & thought his rib was broken, researched a bit & felt my other cat's ribs & they all felt the same. However, if his ribs feel different than this pic, there is a hight possibility that he has the FCKS that mews2much is taking about which needs to be looked at by a vet.

Is he eating on his own yet? I ask because if her wasn't premature he would be eating by now.

You are doing a great job with him. I am so sorry about his momma & siblings.

Good luck at your vet appt!
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Here is a good FCKS (Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome) web site:
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He eats normally .. wont eat solid food yet and i still havta make him go to the bathroom.. He plays and meows , his breathing is sometimes heavy but thats because of the respiratory problem he has i think.. atleast that was what the vet said.. His ribs are abnormal though just by the look of them but he is so tiny and almost 6 weeks.. he is just a lil bit bigger than my hand.. i will put pictures on here asap ..
i know ive gave him so much time and energy of mine.. Waking up every 2 hours and stuff is hard for a 4 month old prego girl but i did and i am so glad he has made it so far. i just worry about him all the time cuz he is so small and his start in life was so difficult.. I let my husband name him and he named him Rocky lol he is a huge boxer fan but i guess cuz the kitten is such a fighter its a good name for him..
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that was when he was only 1-2 weeks old

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Omg, he is just too CUTE!

I just re-read your original post... are you talking about the last few ribs don't connect at the underside? I just felt my cats, their last few ribs do not connect together. Mention his ribs at the next appt.

Your not kidding, waking up every 2hrs is hard!

Here is a great kitten site if you need any extra kitten info, it's great!

& Congrats on being preg! Guess this little guy is breaking you into the routine, LOL.

Hope the little stinker does good at the vet visit!
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the last few ribs look like they bend like a V shape but then the very ends seem to bend again backward .. he sems healthy though so im not going to worry until i bring him to the vet
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Any new news?
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