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My kitten Gigi is 4 months and 1 week old and weighs just under 6 pounds. Any guesses as to how big I might expect her to get?
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The average growth rate of a kitten is 1 pound per month and Gigi appears to be going a little faster than that. But kittens often have growth spurts, so there's no telling at this point how big she'll get. If I had to guess, she'll be an average size of about 10 pounds.
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What is her breed?
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
What is her breed?
yes, you should include the breed of your pet because that usually determine how large your pet will be...
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Hi Gigi is a DSH rescue kitty I am glad to hear she is big for her age, as I am hoping she'll be a nice sized girl. I like a nice sturdy cat!
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Sounds like she's gonna be a BIGGGGGGG girl. Average kittens are about a pound per month of age up to 10/11 months old - then they level off.

Females generally are a little smaller, so at 4 months old she should be 4-5 lbs. Is she spayed yet? If so, you'd better watch the weight and I would not be free feeding her if you are.
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Oh good!!! LOL!! A nice big girl kitty She was spayed at eight weeks or so before I got her I don't free feed; I will watch her weight for sure!! At work we have a therapy cat named Tinkerbelle and poor Tinker is way too fat I don't want Gigi to wind up like that! Gigi is a harness walking kitty, so hopefully that'll help! Thanks!
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