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Most of us know my Daisy as the bad girl of cats...fearless and mean. Speck is the opposite, sweet and gentle. I love them both very much and since they've gotten used to each other, they get along most of the time. Now that our new kitty Marshmallow is here, Speck has been staying in the bedroom. He doesn't want any part of any new kitten. Tonight, Daisy and Marshmallow got into it and he chased her out of the living room. Now she runs if he even looks at her. She usually stays very close to me, but she and Speck are now both staying back in the bedroom. Speck is scared...he hid when the big fight started (DH broke it up quickly, once again). I can't figure out why Daisy is afraid of Marshmallow. She could easily win a fight against him. He's half her size. He is only about six months old; his claws are sharp but they still feel like kitten claws. Daisy was also semi-feral not so long ago. Please don't get me wrong...I don't want them to fight. I just wish everybody would come out of the bedroom and stop being scared of a little bully. Marshmallow is the calmest creature with people; he doesn't mind being picked up and even walks on a leash. Does anyone have any suggestions? He exchanged words with my elderly Siamese cat tonight; we certainly cannot have him pushing her around, at almost 22 years old, she is too fragile. We introduced them slowly. Do you think they'll ever get along? Will things get better when the testosterone is completely out of the new kitten's system?