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Chicago area TCS meet up ?

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I'll be up in the Chicago area (far northwest burbs) in mid August to take care of my sister after her hip-replacement surgery. Are there any Chi-town folks interested in a meet up? The one day that I'll be free is August 15th - the rest of the time I'll be busy playing nurse.

Need to know soon as I'm going to make my airline reservations in the next few days and I will stay an extra day if we meet up.
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I'm a bit further south than Chicago, but I have family in Gary, IN. I'm all up for a meeting, but I don't think mid-August would work for me.

How about any other IL or IN members??
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I'm going to make my airline reservations so that I will be up there thru the morning of the 16th, so I will be available to do something on the 15th if anyone is interested.

I'll be about 40 miles from the Wisconsin border, so I'm pretty far north, but can borrow my sister's car (she won't be driving anyway) to meet up.
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I hope there are some people in the area the can meet-up with you. I am in the Western suburbs of Chicago. I would be be interested but one of my friends is getting married on the 15th so I already have plans for that weekend.
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Darn, I'm in the western suburbs too, but that day is bad - baby shower. Hope your sister's surgery and recuperation go extremely well.
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Bummer, the Chicago people have too many plans!

I am in northern Indiana. I have no idea if I will be free that day. For all I know, I might be working or something at the magical job I don't yet have. However, driving to Chicago isn't too much of a problem. It takes about 3 hours to get to the south side, so it would depend on where we were meeting.
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Oh, rats, rats, RATS. I'm in the Chicago area and would LOVE to meet you, Amy, but unfortunately I'm going to be out of town for a meeting from August 12 to 16.
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I lived in the Chicago area for 30 years, and it is always hard to meet up with folks over the summer. Everyone huddles inside all winter long, and when summer breaks lose, so does everyone that lives there.

I've not been to the neighborhood I grew up in on the south side for a long time. A trip to the south side is not out of the question, of course it's been so long I would have no idea where to meet up these days.

I'm staying in Crystal Lake while I'm there. It's way northwest of the city.
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I really only come in to Chicago for concerts, so I am not much familiar with restaurants, clubs, parks, etc. Maybe we can get an actual Chicago resident to help us out.
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