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Mean new feral

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About 3 weeks ago a young male started hanging out at our place. We are always happy to have another feral join the crew. However, within a week he began attacking the cats in our colony. And he wasn't satisfied with a simple attack, he would chase them blocks away before tearing into them. About a week and a half ago I managed to trap him and took him in for neutering etc.

The problem is that he is still causing problems. I haven't seen one of our very sweet ferals since he attacked him, nor have I seen the sweet one's shy brother. And last night at 1:30 I had to try to break up a fight with a cat I had never seen before. Until now, the neighbors would never know I cared for ferals, but I am afraid the noise and drama is going to turn neighbors against me (and against the cats).

I know that the testosterone won't be out of his system for another week or two. Does anyone know what I can do about his behavior in the meantime? Help!
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Renee- I would trap him and put him in a carrier for 24 hours. It is extreme, but it does work. Take him food and water, and keep the carrier covered and in a quiet place.
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Thanks Mary Anne. This boy (Nathan) is really odd. He is young (young enough to need booster shots) and is so sweet to my husband and I. He loves to get his head scratched and follows us everywhere when we're outside, though he generally stays just out of reach and is still quite skittish. But, geez, get him around other cats and he is a whirling dervish of aggression. Caruso, the huge orange male, doesn't put up with him, and Nathan has learned not to attack him any more. And he is a bit better with Buddy who just wants to be Nathan's friend (though he attacks Buddy daily and jumps right off after subduing Buddy for a moment or two).

I am so worried about Scooter, Zac, and Scooter2. Nathan has brutally attacked each of these boys and I haven't seen them since the attacks began.

Here's to hoping the aggression ends once the testosterone is out of his system!
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Zac is back! I had to sneak food to him in the front yard so Nathan didn't see him. Zac is very very skinny. But he got a good meal this morning.

And...either Scooter or Scooter2 is back as well. They share a name because they both look exactly the same, though Scooter is a little smaller than Scooter2, so I'm not sure which on it was. Once I saw the Scooter cat sneaking into the back yard, I came out and distracted Nathan until Nathan forgot he heard noises where the food is. I only saw the Scooter cat at a distance, but he looked okay from what I could see.

I haven't been able to catch Nathan to cage him for a day or two as Hissy suggested. And....last night I spotted a bite wound at the base of Nathan's ear. Of course he wouldn't let me take care of it, so I hope it doesn't get infected. Boy, I sure wish the testosterone would hurry up and clear out of his system.
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Sending out calming vibes to you.

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Renae - how's it going now? We had the same problem with Tuxedo when he was young - only he was attacking his brothers and sisters. You know the story. He's still a little aggressive from time to time now that he lives inside with us, but the worst problem we have now with him is scratched noses, thank God.

I hope everything's worked itself out and he's part of a happy crew now!

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Thanks for asking! Nathan has mellowed out considerably. He is still a bully, but now he just charges the other cats, and perhaps chases them for a bit, but there are no more wild screaming fights. *knocking on every wood surface within reach*

I will hopefully be able to catch him and take him in to the vet on Friday for his booster shots. He has become very loving and likes to be petted. I hope he will let me pitch him into a carrier for his trip. Keeping fingers crossed.
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I'm sorry about this. I hope Nathan gets to be a nice feral.

*good luck coming your way*

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This morning I watched while Zac gave Nathan (the meanie) head butts!!! I was so pleased. Nathan looked as if he wasn't quite sure what to think about it, but he did not act aggressively at all!

I managed to get Nathan into a carrier and took him to the vet for his booster shots this morning. He was so good. He just sat there and let the vet do his job. And when I brought him back home, as soon as he got out of the carrier he came to me and rubbed my legs and rolled over and asked to be petted!

It looks like this little devil child might just be an angel after all!
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Isn't that funny? Our "meanest" cats have always turned out to be completely pliant at the Vets too.

I'm so glad all is going so well!!!! I'm also glad to hear the rest of the feral family is apparently all back "home," and apparently no longer need live in fear.

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That's really great! Keep it up Nathan
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