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Funny Things Cats Love

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My four year old cat Pippin has "adopted" a giant stuffed monkey as his buddy every since he was a tiny kitten. He carried it around everywhere despite the fact that (especially back then) it was twice his size. He bites it by the neck, sticks the legs up in the air and carries it around with him all over the apartment. I can always tell what he's been up to when I come home from work and see where the monkey is!! He usually cuddles with it while he's sleeping but the poor monkey has many holes from "play fighting". It's really cute that he bonded with it! I was just wondering what other kinds of weird/funny things people's cats are attached to!
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My BF's oldest cat, Norton, drags a shoestring around, meowing the whole time.
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Bonnie has a beanie baby type little black stuffed bear that she's attached herself to. She carries it all around the house, beats it up, and drops it at my feet so I can throw it across the house for her to fetch for me.
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june bugs
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I dont notice any weird things that my cat do before when she was alive...
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A cat I am fostering, he loves to go around the house with my money belt, those that go under the clothes.... he just loves it ! hehehe
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Trout likes this little black furry monster toy. She tore the arms off one by one, and I find them on the floor randomly She is quite the psycho.
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My littlest one Lucky loves the plastic circle thing in the middle of a roll of office tape. The warehouse i work in uses alot of it out in the warehouse. I work in the office and they come to the office to get more. They have learned to bring me all the empty plastic circles and i bring them home to him. I can have them in my purse be it one or 8 of them and that lil turkey smells them or something cause when i have them for him, he will dive into my purse soon as i come home and will get them all out and will play fetch nonstop until he loses then under furniture. But if i dont have any he wont touch my purse. And Baylee loves twistie ties.
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Daisy loves to play fetch ( im convinced she should of been a golden retriver!)
But her fav toy is drinking straws! She has a very long black one ( bigger that her!) When she brings it back she ends up knocking things over with it cause it's so long, sometimes she doesn't make it back with it at all !
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Aya has decided that the small black teddy in the doll chair is hers to molest as she pleases. She grabs him by the teeth and carts him off them pounces on him and shakes him up a bit to get rid of her kitty frustrations. He's now full 'o bite marks. -Poor teddy!
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Fefe loves to play "soccer" with the plastic ring around the top of a juice or milk bottle? She'll kick it around and chase it and pick it up and throw it for hours. Best part? It's free!
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Haha! That's so cute but your kitty might have anger issues! Pippin used to always tear up my bras and drag them out in front of company. My friend suggested maybe he had a bad experience with a spider and takes it out on bras! I'm glad he's outgrown that because it was super embarrassing when company was over!
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That last message was referring to Trout but I am a Newbie and forgot to quote it! Still learning!!
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Daisy likes DH's socks. And playing in water. Speck loves anything that catches the light - like a hand mirror. It took me the longest time to figure out why he stares at the ceiling when we tear tin foil from the roll, then I realized it was because it makes a reflection.
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Gus carries little stuffed cat balls around. He often sleeps with them under his chin. I think he's afraid the dog will take it.
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marigold likes to pull socks and bras out of the dresser. As well when she sees money she likes to run away with it in her mouth. It is kind of funny to see her with money in her mouth.
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Gabby's favorite toy is her very own tail!
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My kitties pull the dish towels off the door handle of the stove and leave them in a trail all over the house, like bread crumbs. Once I saw Shareena dragging two of them around, one hanging of each side of her mouth.
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Niko used to have a stuffed fish toy that she would carry around with her. Sometimes she would toss it in the air, pummel it and "kill" it, then carry it around while making the most mournful sounding meows I have ever heard.
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mitzi just loves to play footie with me and her little sponge balls

she doesn't do such exciting things like that your kits do
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Cammy loves the flushing toilet and watching the water drain out of the bath tub.
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Diamond loves the plastic coated twist ties that many companies use to attach their products to the car the product comes on. Pouncing, throwing and chewing on them all day. Sapphire just likes the standard jingle balls, but will always "call" me to help get them out from under the sofa.
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Amadeus has a weakness for banana skins. He will tip the bin over, fish a big banana skin and walk around with them it in his mouth and then go some where no one can find him and rip them to bits. Then I find him with shreds of banana skin around his paws and he looks at me as if to say "What? You don't want it you chucked it in the bin"

Symphony adores playing paw ball and has a lot of jingle balls she loves.

How adorable a cat who loves a cuddly toy!!! I wish one of mine would do that sooo cute lol !

Oh and don't get me started on bras. Amadeus and bras! How come male animals always seem to have a fascination with underwear?? Rikki the family chihuhaua who lives with my mum used to always grab my bras and run around with them. Caspian a cat I had last year also and Amadeus loves raiding my underwear draw. I guess it must be a man thing.
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Chip has 'adopted' the little stuffed cats i have around [you can see a couple here w/Firefox]. he'll find them, carry them around [usually by the neck!] & meow at me.

Pixel does the same thing w/soft, small toys - oh, & facial tissue! her favorite toy is facial tissue, rolled length-wise & tied into a knot.
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Love reading all the kitty addictions! Maia has a favorite orange shoe lace she loves. I often find it suddenly out in the living room, or by my bed in the morning when I wake up. If I start playing with it she goes nuts, and loves to play fetch with it. She also loves me!
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That is a REALLY cute picture! She is as tiny as the toys are! hehe

The funny thing about Pippin's "Mr. Monkey" is that it was a birthday gift for me from the friend that a year later rescued Pippin and his siblings from the sewer. I like to think he loves it because I love monkeys too but maybe it smelled like his first house and that's why he was drawn to it! Who knows!
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Originally Posted by Ninjarosie View Post
That is a REALLY cute picture! She is as tiny as the toys are! hehe
yeah, she was basically on death's door when i rescued her.
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Originally Posted by kscatlady View Post
Cammy loves the flushing toilet and watching the water drain out of the bath tub.
Fefe does this, too. She'll sit on the back of the toilet until I stand up, then she'll jump on the seat. When I flush it, she puts her front feet in the bowl and watches it go down. She will also stand on the ends of the bathtub and play with the water coming from the faucets while I brush my teeth/wash my hands, etc. If my husband isn't home, she'll even come sit on the edge of the tub and watch me while I take a shower. She's so funny and obviously has no sense of respecting my privacy!
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Peedoodle loves pigs - every time we get a cat toy, I always buy pigs which are my favourite animal and Peedoodle has always gone for the pigs, carrying them around, taking them to bed.
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Its so thrilling to hear that I am not the only one with a cat that has adopted a stuffed animal!

Bean Bean often carries a lil kin'z chihuahua around by the neck.

This is the first cat I've ever seen that plays with a stuffed animal! He carries it around the house, tosses it up in the air, beats it up a bit...

And then I think when he realizes it doesn't play back...Bean Bean starts these sad trilling sounds that are just so horrible that they're cute! And then you have to go pet him to tell him that it's okay, and he didn't kill his little friend.

Then you toss the chihuahua across the room.

I am sure I have a video of him playing with it somewhere, I will have to find it now!
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