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I got to meet Cindy!

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I went to visit my friend, Larissa, in Alabama last week. While I was there, I met up with Cindy (KittenKrazy)!! It was a great day! Cindy made all of us a catered lunch, which was so delicious! We had chicken salad croissants, with pasta salad and cheesecake! We spent the day at Point Mallard waterpark. It was great finally meeting Cindy after meeting her 6 years ago on here on TCS! I am currently uploading my pictures from my trip. I will post a picture of us soon!
Has anyone else met anyone on TCS in person before?
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Me & Cindy (KittenKrazy)!

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Hi, Candie and;Cindy!

It's great meeting other TCS'ers! I've met eilcon/Eileen and a couple of others who live locally. (Patty and Amie who aren't active right now.)
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That is so cool!
I would love to meet some fellow TCS members. We have so many from North Carolina, it would be great to have a meet up at the beach or something.
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Hi! HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like you had a GORGEOUS day! My folks and sister live in Birmingham, but we haven't been down there - they've all been coming up here.

Sounds like a lot of fun, and I love seeing when TCS people get to meet up! Us "East Coasters" will have to get our act together!

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That is great you got to meet.
I have met a few peopel from TCS.
I met Dusty's Mom at the Fresno Cat show.
I have met Sarah,Rosemary,Linda,Brooke,Sherrie and Janet also.
In fact Rosemary has asked me about showing Butzie in HHP.
We also have talked about having another meet up.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Hi, Candie and;Cindy!
....... nice to see you join dear chicks!
Awww Candie, it seems you spend a great time!
thank you for share!
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What fun!! Looks like you had a great time. It's neat when TCSers can get together in person.
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Sounds like a great time

I haven't met anyone yet, but there are a few local, but there's one very special lady that I want to meet... eventually.
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It was great to get to meet up with Candie.....and dear Lord, that picture of me looks just as bad as I was afraid it would, lol! Sad thing is, she's from Texas, and we succeeded in meeting up, but we have some members in Birmingham and that area that I haven't met, lol!
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Yay more meet ups!!
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It's great how many meet-ups there on TCS!
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I'm sooo envious I've even been to Myrtle Beach, SC twice and haven't gotten to meet any TCSers. I did go to the N.Myrtle Beach shelter several times and met ladies who knew our TCSer, but our TCSer didn't show - which is understandable, although my info is easy to confirm, esp. thru my husband's CA State Bar ID
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It looks like you had a great time, and your lunch sounds delicious! So how many TCS meetups have been almost nothing but swapping cat stories?
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How cool!

I've met Miss Mew, Pushylady and Icklemiss21

I'd love to meet more though!
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It is fun at the meet ups.
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We had a meet up in Lakewood, Colorado a few years ago. We went to Macaroni Grill, yum! Need to do that AGAIN!
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That's a gorgeous pic of two very special ladies!

I've met up with Kellye (Kiwideus) and her husband and son. It was so nice.
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