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Night Crazies and the giggles

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Without fail, around 5-5:30AM Genever uses the litterbox. And digs and scratches for at least 10 minutes, waking me up. It usually annoys the heck out of me, and once in a while my BF if it wakes him up, and I end up getting up and going to the bathroom myself. This morning such events occured, and when I was done, she was in the living room eating, so I went and sat with her for a few minutes while she munched since she tends to eat better when someone's near her.

After she was done I went back to bed, and she got the Night Crazies!! Running/bouncing from room to room, on the bed, off the bed, other room, bedroom, on the bed, like a superball gone wild. Crazy! Normally this also annoys me, but this time I just got the giggles from it and I was the one who woke the BF up! Somehow after all that silliness I did get back to sleep for another 2 hours..
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I love it when Jack or Rosie has them, but they usually have them between 10.30-11.30 at night. Brilliant
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I've noticed that my kitties get the crazies soon after they finish pooping. :")
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Tabitha and Daisy do the same usually around 1 in the morning when were just getting to sleep. They play that game where you have to move around the room without touching the floor!! They jump onto the bed,onto us,onto the window sill and back then do 5 circuits around the house!!
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Yeah, I never thought of it that way, but it is like they can't touch the floor!

Man, I like my sleep and hate to be woken up pre-sunrise, but that night it just got me laughing so hard!
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I have to laugh at this thread! Stella is the one with all the crazies. Its more 24 hour crazies!!! I cannot help but laugh when I watch her running and jumping around.
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May be I am lucky, Binks has her evening crazies at about 10 AM after my morning coffee. I think she enjoys 'sleeping in' these days. Good cat.
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