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wedding :)

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just in case anyone wanted to see... may 30th was the big day, now Shiraz has a daddy!

me in the limo

me and the girls

mr and mrs
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I've moved you into the lounge because you put yourself in fur pics

You both look lovely, and congratulations Your flowers are gorgeous as well
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Beautiful!! You look stunning!
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You look beautiful and you look like a lovely couple! Congratulations!!!

Is that a golf course in the background? They have such nice grounds.
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You all look beautiful congrats.
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Congratulations! And nice to meet you.

My big day is coming up in September. I hope I look as gorgeous as you did!
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You are a gorgeous bride and a beautiful couple.
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Beautiful pics Congratulations
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Congrats on your wedding! Your colour choices were fabulous! You and your DH look great together and you are a gorgeous bride!

Thanks for sharing your day with us
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Congratulations Christina!...
My deep best wishes to you and DH for this new step in both lifes1
Congratulations of HEart!
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Your dress is so pretty. Congratulations!!
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thank u guys! it was a wonderful day (and yes it was on a golf course) ...and we're so happy to be married!
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Congratulations! You make a lovely couple! Many, many years of happiness!
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