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relocating and not sure how to handle

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Its been a while since I've posted or visited the cat site. I joined the fund a few years back because my cat Rhapsody was pregnant and I wanted to be the best mid-wife I could be. Then shortly after her babies left the roost my cat Trouble crossed the bridge after having himfor 14 years. After losing Trouble I was not going to get another cat for a while and then my husband brings home this black ball of fire, enters Vladamir.

I am here today, as another life change catastrophe is about to happen and I am looking for advice. I did not know where I should post this cry for help.

My husband and I are losing our home, the good news is we are not being left on the street, my parents are allowing us two years to get back on our feet at their home. We have one dog, Buddy, who is in his golden years at aget 13 and the two cats, Rhapsody and Vladamir. My concerns are for the cats as mom and dad have two active dogs a jack russle named Yady and a blue healer named Mystic. But my worse concern is that they are out in the country with of course many stray cats and many big big birds.

They both frolic in our neighborhood in the summer and our indoors for the winter. Both have been neutered and we always bring them in at night. Rhapsody stays in the yard which is the cutest thing and Vlad is only a call away.

Dad would like us to keep the cats outside and mom says well, if they are moving in I have to let my cat in too. Rhaps and Vlad will win their hearts but Vlad is very sensitive we had work done on our home due to water damage around the holidays and he licked his belly and legs bare. How do I help them handle this change.

Sean, my husband says that he will teach them to use the doggie door so that they will not be outdoor cats, so that problem solved. But what if they do not come in because of the dogs. I was thinking I would just lock them up in my room until they realize that this is their home and break them into the current pets of the house slowly.

Any advice, or should this be posted elsewhere?

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I'd agree with the idea of keeping them in for a while at first to get them to know that home is home.

The good news is, since you have a dog, they may well not be completely freaked out by the new house's dogs.
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Welcome back! I agree that since you already have a dog they may not be as freaked out as you imagine, but Jack Russels are normally so hyper I can see why you're worried (I have no idea what a Blue Healer is, but sounds pretty!). I agree with keeping them inside in your bedroom and letting them get used to the different smells at first. Maybe let them explore the house after a few days when the dogs are outside. They need to recognize the new house as their "home" and a place they want to come back to. Lots of treats and lots of lovings.

After they are comfortable enough to let them out in the house with the dogs in, you should still have a safe room they can go to. Either your bedroom with a baby gate across the door (of course, the Jack Russel may be able to jump that) or at least a high cat tree or two where they can get away and relax.

One question. Is your parent's house a safe place for them to go outside? I let some of mine out but I live at the end of a dirt road so not a lot of traffic. If you're worried about that, you may want to set up an outdoor enclosure which is easy enough using chicken wire around the sides and on top.

Good luck. I seems like it's very do-able...may just take a little time.
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