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I have a friend in need of help, I work with a lady and her parents are retired. They have a vacation home in Florida that they go to during the winter. But there home in Oklahoma they have ferals that stay. They feed them and they are very friendly. Every year the female has kittens and they feed them as well and make them very friendly and loveable, but when they go to Florida during the winter they don't have anyone to take care of the animals. They would like to find an orphanage that they could possibly give them to each winter when they go to Florida so that they don't have to worry about them and so that they may be adopted out to a family that would love them and be able to take care of them year round. They love these little guys but with their health they have to go to Florida for the winter months but each year the kitties come back. Can anyone help with some info for these people? Thank you in advance. By the way everyone that remembers me, (its been a long time since i have been in here) Hammy and I are having a baby girl next month!!!!!!!! Our first child and we are expecting her around August 20th