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Question of the Day July 14th

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Morning All!!

Chris has asked me to take care of the question of the day for today so here goes:

What is your favorite fragrance?

For me it is lavender, I have always loved it, with lilac and jasmine coming in a close second.
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I love vanilla and cinnamon.
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an the odd sniff of warm chocolate!!
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Roses and jasmine
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Cinnamon and apple cinnamon are the best! And then I enjoy vanilla, jasmine, and the smell of coffee. Mmmm yum!
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Baked banana bread, vanilla, cinnamon & garlic
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Peach! I like melon, vanilla, cinnamon, also. Any kind of food smell, Floral stuff makes me sneeze and gag
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Woods.......there a perfum called PHOTO I like the fragance!...
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VHT at the dragstrip!

Cinnamon and vanilla top my list as well.
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Lavender, vanilla, and my red tabby, Scooter. He is the best smelling little guy.
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definitely vanilla and cinnamon.

Claire Burke makes this frangrance called Applejack and Peel, I absolutely love this smell, too.
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Thanks Susan I've been on the road.

Hmmm, fragrance... I guess it depends on what.

Perfume/cologne: NONE...... (headache to migraine)

Body lotions: I like lavender, mild jasmine and fruit type scents.

Candles: mmmm, fruity or vanilla'ish, butterscotch..... most scents except the floral ones (I find them to be too strong, and give me a headache).
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We have a cinnamon-apple air freshener in our bedroom - LOVE it.
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Fresh cut grass, followed by baking smells like cinnamon and vanilla
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I like Black Pearl bath bomb from Lush which is discontinued , peach, orange, hops, mimosa (the tree/flower), gardenia, lilac, Cantillon Kriek lambic, my BF's 'Garden Pie' which is his veggie version of shepherd's pie that he made up just for me, coffee, and the smell of the Bethlehem Public Library, I can't explain it but that one building has a certain smell to it and I like it.

But that doesn't answer the question of a fave fragrance. Today I will say gardenia.
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Roses, i love love love roses, but real rose scent, the candles always seem to heavy
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
Roses, i love love love roses, but real rose scent, the candles always seem to heavy
Oh I forgot about roses, my grandmother wore Roses Roses perfume by Avon for as long as I can remember and to this day everytime I smell roses I think of her.
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I don't use scented lotions or wear fragrance, so I don't really have a favourite there. Most -- not all, but most -- scented candles are too heavily scented, so I tend to avoid them. But then there's food -- and oh so many lovely fragrances, it's impossible to choose one.
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i think i would have to say strawberries and my freshly showered man!!
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I love Victoria Secret's Pure Seduction.
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I love warm spicy scents, but I don't care too much for plain vanilla. One of my favorite scents around the house, is lavendar. The perfume scents I tend to gravitate toward are spicy scents like CoCo by Channel, and Boucheron, and Initial, by House of Bourcheron. I also have CoCo Mademoiselle. I tried it on several times before I purchased it, but once I go it home and started to wear it, Iv'e found that I don't are for it much.
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Perfumey scents - none - they give me headaches.

But you will think I'm really odd on this one. My favorite scents are food related: bread in the oven, a good sauce cooking on the stove top, fresh herbs from the garden, fresh pineapple, and this is my odd one - onions and garlic sauteing in olive oil - it always means a good meal will follow.
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