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So our newest addition Phoebe is a night talker. Every single night, around 2am she starts talking around the house and meowing very loud. When she first arrived her meows were low and short. I contacted her breeder and she said that Phoebe was likely looking for her kittens. She has been with us for 3 weeks now.
I have done a bit of research and made some changes. She likes to sleep under my bed during the day. I now close my bedroom door so she has to roam throughout the house instead of sleep all day. She gets more interaction with us as well. Also right before I go to bed I play a lot with both cats, then feed them wet food afterwards.
The problem is she continues to meow and keep us awake. Last night she even woke the baby up. My husband is fed up of course, I am exausted myself. We close our bedroom door and the kids rooms too, but she is so loud, even with fans in our rooms we can hear her.
My last option is to retrieve her to the den in our basement at night. It is nice, like a big-o living room. I feel guilty by sending her there, what do you think? Also, what todo with Halo? He sleeps with us every night, he is only 3 months old and does not keep us awake....