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What ALL kids should know

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I heard a news report today about the little 9 year old girl who was kidnapped, raped and then talked her way into her kidnapper letting her go. Her kidnapper was arraigned yesterday.

Before today, we had just heard that she convinced him she was sick, and that's why he released her. Well, that was only half the story.

This 9 year old girl, in the midst of the most traumatic experience of her life, convinced her kidnapper that she needed her asthma medication or she would die, which would make him a murderer. She does not have asthma. Not only that, but she remembered where he had ordered pizza from so the police could track down that order and his address, AND memorized his cell phone number. That information is what led to his very quick arrest and arraignment.

Very smart little girl!
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Good for her. It has to be very difficult to keep your wits about you when something this horrid happens to you.
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What a brave little girl. I'll bet she grows up to be a policewoman or detective!
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Hurrah for her. That is one smart kid. It just goes to show that you shouldn't underestimate kids' intelligence.
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Good for her.

When I was 11, a man exposed himself to me. Having three younger brothers, I was no stranger to male organs. The guy was in his car and I wrote down his license number, went home and told my grandmother. She called the police and they got the guy. I never had to go to court, so I don't know what, if anything happened to him.
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I heard also she *faked* an asthma attack- when asked later by investigators why it was so convincing, she told them her best friend has asthma. Good for her!
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This happened like 5 miles from my neighborhood. The market this little girl ran into is not far from my house. It's so scary having this go on literally RIGHT here. I am scared to death to leave by myself after dark and am constantly checking over my shoulders. I'm buying a cell phone now too. Call me paranoid, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

That little girl was very brave, very smart, and I deeply admire her for keeping her wits about her. The scum that did this to her.. well, I hope that he suffers dire consequences. She is such a pretty little girl. Apparently he heard of her through another person that she knows, although she does not know him, and he never knew her before he kidnapped her.

Sounds kindy fishy to me.
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Sounds to me like she has a trmendous inner strength, and very intelligent too!! My goodness, the majority of adults in any kind of similar situation would simply freeze with terror and not know what to do, I know I probably would.

Good on her, I hope he gets all he deserves.
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What a brave little girl!!!!! Kudos to her!!!!
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I just want to cry every time I think about having to tell a little kid things like this. How do you teach a child these things without scaring the heck out of them??

My plan, if I ever have kids...they'll each be tied to their own Great Dane 24/7. Now that's safety.
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Now THAT sounds like an excellent plan...I may steal the idea... LOL
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That's disgusting someone would do that but three cheers for that little girly

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What a brave little bean!
Bless her little heart!
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As a former teacher, I know that educating children on what to do in suspicious situations is a good thing. In this case, the girl was brave and smart. But isn't it a shame that we have to make our kids fearful of every stranger they meet? Have you ever smiled at a child in a public place or waved at them just to have them look terrified and run away?? Seems like every year that passes we make our children more and more distrustful. We need to find a balance between keeping them safe and not terrifying them. Otherwise, what kind of world will this be when the present generation of children grows up??
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This reply is a little late but I have to say... this little girl is the smartest and bravest young lady and she should be proud of herself. I hope her family gets her all the help she needs to deal with the rape/molestation trauma. There is so much emotional baggage that comes with that kind of trauma.

Tammie & Peachy
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