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Daily Thread Tues July 14th

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Morning peeps!

It's going to be sunny today but only 19 degrees. I wonder where summer is? Ah well, I don't like being hot anyway

Heading to work in a bit, and then tonight we are looking at an apartment. Then visiting Josh's grandma in the hospital.

That's about it.

You have a good one!
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Morning All!!

Sunny but cool here as well, not suppose to get up over 17 today, much more like fall weather then summer.

I am up and about early this morning...Pixie decided to step on the stand for my cordless phone at 4 A.M. which set off the ringer. Scared the you know what out of me and I couldn't get back to sleep.

A few things planned for today, it's my sister's birthday so I am having lunch with her and I also have a meeting with one of the teachers from the course I just started.

The kitties are good, window watching right now, there's a turf war going on between the squirrels and the blue jays in the tree outside the window and it is keeping them quite amused for now.

Everyone have a great day
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It's my day off, but I have a lot of stuff to do. The everlasting mound of laundry, dishes and assorted housework, getting my cab license renewed, base permits renewed so I can drive on the military bases, and I would really rather just curl up with my kitties. I have tomorrow off, too, but just as much stuff to do.
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Lovely sunny day here, supposed to get up to 23 C, which is nice. I prefer this to hot and humid.
Have a good day everyone!
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Good Afternoon
DH & I went to the family doctor for our annual. He prescribed some Beta Blocker for my migraines. Tonight we have the eye doctor. YAY new lenses. I can't wait to see clearly again.

Tomorrow is the last day we can paint Mom's room before she gets home.
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Morning, well good afternoon to most of you...

Happy Bastille Day! I should eat or drink something French today to celebrate. Maybe a French Fry. Except those are really Belgian. I wish I culd get French ciders out here in California... maybe I'll go to BevMo and pick up a Biere de Garde anyway. Or not. Gosh I'm indifferent today...

Bosses are out of the office, one flew in from Utah this morning, the other picked her up and took her to the dentist, she's got an infected tooth or something horrible like that. They're still not back yet 2.5 hours after she landed... so I've been goofing off most of the morning after taking care of some housekeeping things. Been really slow at work lately.. not good, but they're set on keeping me at least for the next several months even if all 3 of us have to take a bit of a pay cut. Nice of them to care like that. They're super people, even if a bit strange at times..
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Im jealous!! Its going to get up to 105 degrees today!!! And 107 on friday! I think I am going to die! I went to the barn really early when it was cooler to ride since you cant ride in the afternoon heat. I am resting before the Harry Potter premiere tonight!! Im going to take a nap and stock up on snacks! have a great day!
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I had to work until 3 today and then I got my eyebrows waxed and a pedicure. I have one more shift at work until I go on holidays and 4 more days until my wedding.
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