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I live in Crete in Greece where the ongoing appalling suffering of animals sadly continues unabated, you don’t need to spend one penny – but spare one minute and you CAN help.
There is a lot of effort being made by many people who are all trying desperately hard to help the many cases of cruelty, abuse, abandonment, disease, and poisoning suffered daily by Greek animals.
We are simply asking for Greek MPs to at last act humanly and with compassion for their animals, and set about enforcing their own animal welfare laws.
Greece’s present control of stray animals is by the use of baited poison. There are many cases here of poisoning strays and indeed owned dogs and cats. The poison is insidious it causes extreme pain and results in a prolonged and agonising death for these animals.
This is illegal by their law!!!!!
I am not asking you for donations, there are numerous animal welfare organisations where you can specifically do that and I know that every single penny will help.
I want you to please help maintain ‘pressure’ on this government if we are persistent and refuse to give up on these animals we surely must win justice for them
PLEASE LOOK at CARE for petitions relating to the plight of Greek animals – and sign them all.
Please visit my petition at
Visit this address and download for free

The hard-hitting and very moving song GREEK TRAGEDY, written by Maria Daines and performed by her and guitarist Paul Killington, was inspired by the story of ‘Boney Fingers’, a very thin hunting dog rescued on 25 March in Kavala, northern Greece. Now called BONNIE, the dog made a full recovery and her future is secure.

Please help spread the word and awareness to the plight of animals in Greece, pass this message on to as many people that you can think of - your valuable help is appreciated enormously mention too that 'Greek Tragedy' MP3 is available for FREE download

Thank you so much.