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Miss Piggy

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I'm technically assuming on this one, but she was definitely not one to find a different home. My dad told me that Miss Piggy, one of the bottlefeeder litter that I raised as a teenager, wandered off one day and didn't come back. She was indoor/outdoor out in the country, in an area with some coyotes and that sort of thing, so the theory is that one got her. She had good luck for nine years, some of them not the easiest when she joined the barn cats on my aunt and uncle's farm for a while (where she made Squirrel, Panther, and their brother; my parents didn't get her fixed because of my mom's "get the males done because they're cheaper" theory), so it's also possible that maybe her time just ran out.

She was named for her startling ability, as a 12-day-old kitten, to absorb seventeen droppers of kitten formula at once while her three littermates were eating three or four at a feeding; we called her a little pig, and it went from there. We think the extra food went into growing her coat: she was a longhair, and quite a small cat, although people thought she was nearly average sized until they picked her up and found out it was all fluff.

She's survived by Squirrel, Panther, and many descendants at the farm and up on the hill where she spent her last few years.

Now she's reunited with the mama cat she lost at 10 days old (who came to us as a stray kitten), her first litter of kittens that were born too soon, two of the three of her last litter (one from the complications that made it her last litter, the other also probably from coyotes), and other cats she used to know before they passed.

She was one to take in other kittens when she had a litter, so no doubt her job at the Bridge is to take in the little ones that didn't make it.

Play on at the Bridge, Piggy

(The pic is Miss Piggy and Squirrel at something like a month old. I edited the background to make a cuter memorial pic for her.)
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I'm so sorry for Your Loss. Rest in Peace Miss Piggy.
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What a gorgeous mamakitty In my mind's eye, I surely do see her next to our dear departed HopeHacker - greeting and loving on those little kitties and little child-angels who have crossed over RB
Reading your post reminded me of Alan Jackson's "Sissy's Song"...here's a link - have a listen, a good cry if you'd like, and know that I'm sending you prayers and vibes of healing and comfort:
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Sorry for your loss

Rest In Peace Miss Piggy
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She sounds like a fabulous cat and wonderful mother. RIP Miss Piggy.
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