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Inspired by Bill Clinton

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What do u consider cheating? Do you all see oral sex as an infidelity? Or does their have to be sexual intercourse before you consider it cheating?

To me even just having an internet relationship is cheating but that's jmo!
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Any type of sexual relations is cheating IMO. So is just thinking of committing infidelity. Sex isn't the only way to betray your partner's trust.
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Originally posted by Rock&Fluff'smom
To me even just having an internet relationship is cheating but that's jmo!
I totally agree.
Don't they say "it's the thought that counts"?
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To a lot of us baby boomers, oral sex fell into the category of "heavy petting" rather than "going all the way". Yes, it's cheating, but I can understand how someone of his age could rationalize it to himself. As to "Internet relationships" - I'd be upset if my husband had one, but if I had one, I'd probably rationalize and say it was "harmless flirting"!
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I agree that internet relationships are cheating. There is an emotional attachment that forms, even if there was never a face to face meeting. Cheating is not just with the genitals, it's with the mind and heart as well.
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Cheating can happen in many ways. There are physical affairs ( which I think that even kissing is considered cheating ), there are emotional affairs.

Either one is bad, and I think oral sex can be as intimate as regular sex, if not even more so.
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ANY form of sexual contact is cheating. If I caught my Bill, being "Lewinskied", I'd kill him just as dead, as if I found him having intercourse!

As for Internet "cheating" - my ex deserted me, for someone that he was having cybersex with.
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I made one good friend over the internet, a female (I'm male). There was nothing sexual about it at all and, by working together, my friend an I managed to rescue a number of dogs. (She passed away two years ago. We communicated by email and spoke on the phone a few times, but never met in person.)

As for anything else, I love my wife and would never be interested in anything with anyone else. As I quickly approach 50 I am more convinced than ever that she is the only one for me.

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Well here is how I feel.

Any kind of emotional attachment can be cheating depending on the attachment. If it is in a loving/attracting relationship be it emotional or physical or both then I consider it cheating.

Anything that you would feel ashamed of, feel you have to 'hide', or that would constitute sharing loving and spiritual thoughts, feelings, embraces (to keep this PG rated), etc with someone other than YOUR s/o is absolutely cheating.

Cheating is the one thing I will not tolerate ever. One strike your out, don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!
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If someone is doing something that they would not openly tell thier significant other about without fear of hurting them, then it is cheating. It hurts the bonds that form the realtionship and cuts off communication.
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