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I am giddy

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I'm wracked with giggle fits.
I'll be 41 in September and I was just carded while buying a beer
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Isn't that a great feeling? I'd be giddy too
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That's awesome. I bought a drink yesterday (Southern Comfort & Sprite) and was asked for ID. I was annoyed because it was right at the bottom of my bag! I hardly ever get asked though and I'm 21 years younger than you!
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Awesome! I love to be carded
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Lol Sam that would not happen in the US, I know the rest of the world is so relaxed about drinking age standards. When I was in Germany in May I never got asked for ID and I am 20. Here in the US my mom gets asked for ID at grocery stores and she's 47- the cash register machines will not let the cashier close the bill unless they manually enter the customer's date of birth.
At a bar it's different though and they won't ask unless you look young. But I've been a waitress and they said anyone who looks under 40 you should ask for ID because if the cops come the waiter gets arrested and restaurant gets their license taken away!
I attribute this strictness in the US to the bad parenting If parents were careful enough, even if there was no drinking age, there still wouldn't be drunk kids and teenagers, and that's a proven fact in many European countries where it's even less common to see teenagers drinking irresponsibly than in the US/
Thats not to say that parents in the US are bad- just that there are more bad parents than there should be
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I was asked that in my early 40's. There was a supermarket strike and the checker wasn't one of the regular ones. I looked at him and said "Really???? Sure!!!" I was thrilled.
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