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Brandy: A poem written by a 12yr old

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My daughter wrote this poem, shortly after finding out that Brandy's tumor was inoperable. She had me print it out, and it is laying ontop of Brandy's body.

Title: My Furry Friend by Kendra

Brandy is as playful as a child,\t\t\t\t\t\t
She comes to me when she’s called,
With spirits so high she’s almost wild.
When I enter my house after a very lonely day,
She jumps while wishing for me to play.
As she hollers with such joy,
Asking me for her little tug toy,
She is my furry friend,
All the way to the very, very cold, hard end.

She is there for me when I start to cry.
If only she didn’t have to go,
Unfortunately she can’t say no.
She is nine,
This is old for my fine friend.

I hope she promises to wait for me,
If so I will be in so much glee!
I hope we have taken good care of you,
Or I will always be blue.
Knowing that you’re in so much pain,
Makes me sick again and again.

When I let you outside you want me to play,
It’s too bad you get older and older every day.

I will never forget your gold and white fur,
That was all over me everyday at school.

I love you Brandy, I love you so,
I hate how someday soon you’ll have to go.


We are all doing ok....but there isn't a day that I don't go to say something to do with Brandy....if I drop food, there's no calling Brandy.... When the doorbell rings, the house is silent.....No asking the kids if anyone fed Brandy yet....No to alot of things.

It is amazing how much of a part of our lives she was. The little things we didn't think of.

I miss her so. We all do.

I have no doubt that the decision was right. I have no doubt that she is somewhere, wagging her fool tail off and belting someone with it. I have no doubt that her lump is gone, and she can eat as much as she wants.

RIP Brandy: spring 1999 - July 11 2009
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That was a beautiful poem for a beautiful dog. I'm so sorry that she had to go. I am crying right now, and I don't know what to say..

R.I.P. Brandy. You are an now.
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What a beautiful poem RIP Sweet Brandy
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That is such a sweet poem bless her.

RIP Brandy
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Awww please let Kendra know that her poem was very beautiful
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Chris, Kendra wrote such a beautiful poem for Brandy. What a wonderful tribute. RIP Brandy.
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Kendra, that was such a beautiful poem. Your love for Brandy - and her love for you - totally shines through. I am left in tears.

To the whole family - I am so sorry for your loss.

Brandy, play happily over the bridge, wagging your fool tail off and belting all those dog-loving kitties with it in your excitement to play.

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That is the sweetest thing. RIP beautiful Brenda
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Chris, your little girl's poem was beautiful. You can just tell how much she loved Brandy.

Rest in Peace, Brandy. Play happily over the bridge.
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Oh, what a lovely poem. Let your daughter know how beautiful we all think it is.

RIP sweet, beautiful Brandy. You're okay now and your family loves you soooo much.

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RIP Brandy
Many hugs to you Chris and lots of warm wishes to your family. I know you will miss her but I hope the pain turns into warm loving memories quickly
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RIP, Brandy. She'll always be a part of your family. Years from now, when Kendra has forgotten all about the poem she wrote, a sight, smell or sound will bring Brandy to her mind, and she'll feel that love and bond all over again.
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What a Beautiful Poem!! Rest in Peace Brandy.
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Thank you all. Kendra will be joining on July 20th, to post herself.
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Play on at the Bridge, Brandy

Kendra is obviously a gifted young lady, both in poetry and in compassion and love for fellow creatures.
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beautiful tribute to Brandy...

Very touching indeed

RIP you sweet girl
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I'm so sorry. Words can't express how bad I feel for you and your family right now. You're right, Brandy is somewhere else, painfree and happy, wagging her tail off

Rest in Peace, sweet Brandy
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Instant tears - I can't say anything anyone else hasn't already, just know that we understand.
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Thank you all

My family and I truly appreciate it.

The Childrens Aid lady was asking Kendra about Brandy today and how she was dealing with it. Kendra is so brave.... The hardest part for all of us, is people coming to the door. They actually have to ring the doorbell now.

We are doing well. I miss her, but I am at peace knowing she is not suffering.
Kendra misses her horribly, but is at peace knowing she's not suffering.
Kayleigh is young, with not as much attachment, so she is doing fine with it.

Hugs, and thank you all.
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I normally don't like coming in here, reading all these stories makes me feel sad. Such a sweet poem for a beautiful friend. RIP Brandy, may God comfort you
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Originally Posted by AmberThe Bobcat View Post
I normally don't like coming in here, reading all these stories makes me feel sad. Such a sweet poem for a beautiful friend. RIP Brandy, may God comfort you
... none beautiful words can quite the pain from the heart...
I´m really so sorry for your lost... Don´t give up....
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I`ve been away from the site a few days so I am so sorry not to respond earlier. The poem was beautiful and your daughter is very talented.

I know you knew it was coming but you still feel it as hard. I`m so sorry you had to loss such a special dog. I`m sure she is watching over you all and will be waiting when the time comes.

Rest In Peace Brandy
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