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Do you vaccinate your cats?

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I'm enjoying reading everyone's answers to me bloodwork poll, so I thought I'd do this one as well. I'm still waivering about whether I'll vaccinate annually or not.

So again, if the choices don't match, pick the best match, or just comment instead!

Edited to add: As I was creating the poll, there were so many different combinations that I just tried to keep it somewhat general. I know some might do some vaccines and not others. Please post your protocol.
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NO, I do not vaccinate annually. My cats were initially vacinated while kittens, and that is it. They are strictly indoor. If I get dental or need treatment at the vet, they may require rabies, but not the other vacines. I will comply with their regulations, but I do not haul the cats in once a year for the "wellness visit". We go if we are sick or have an accident, and I do not begrudge those visits. Otherwise we do just fine without them. Probably better.
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Mine only get the RCCP shot except Cleo who get Rabies also.
A Leuemia shot killed my Lucy and I will never get them that shot again.
The Rabies shot is not a law here in California for cats.
Coco does not get shots anymore because teh vet said they are no longer safe for her.
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Sorry...I was creating the poll and took a break to make dinner. Didn't realize the thread would be posted without the poll!
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For now I do, and I think (I might change) I will vaccinate them annually until they are three, which means Bugsy for one more year, and Lucky for a couple more. After that probably rabies every few years...
I plan next year to move to a bigger place (maybe buy my own house, since the market is so good), and get a show kitten - I don't know what are the regulations with shows, but in that case I will do whatever they require.
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All of our cats are indoor only. Molly and Sydney are vaccinated every 2 or 3 years. Reilly had a bad reaction 4 years ago (had a seizure) so he does not recieve any vaccines.
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I vaccinate every 2-3 yrs and that was not one of your choices. But I will not vaccinate for FELV or Clamidya (sp?)
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I vaccinate every year except for rabies. That's every three years. They're indoor only cats, but a couple of them occasionally do the door dash. I'm also planning to foster cats from the shelter. They will be tested before I bring them into my home, but I'd rather err on the side of caution for the safety of my cats.
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I get annual checkups for the girls, but get the 3 year vaccinations, but my vet is going back to yearly vaccinations, so I'll keep going back to the shelter where they do 3 year vaccs. I have to keep their rabies and FVRCP up to date because we'll be heading back to Australia at some point and need to show proof of vaccinations.
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I got the kitten series and the one year boosters. After that it's every three years. My vet still vaccinates every year but I can refuse all shots but the rabies shot. Ohio requires it, I wish I could refuse it because one of my cats had an allergic reaction and they are indoor only cats. He gets a Benadryl shot before the vaccination and so far it has worked. It still makes me nervous though because I know the initial allergic reaction tends to be the mildest. I've often wondered if I were to try to adopt from a rescue that checks the vet reference if I would get a bad referral because of refusing shots.
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My situation isn't one of the options...I got my cats their kitten shots, and I'm about to bring them current on rabies to move across state lines (AZ doesn't have cat licensing and they're 100% indoor so I got behind), and because I don't know for sure if they were 16 weeks when they finished their kitten shots and I heard that they're more likely to keep the immunity long-term after 16 weeks, I'm going to get them a booster before I bring in a foster litter, which I'm looking at doing perhaps next summer.
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Due to my high exposure to things such as chalmydia, distemper, etc - I have been vaccinating yearly. My cats receive annual exams (actually, they're usually in 2+ x a year due to special needs). They get rabies shots on the 3 year protocol, and I give my own distemper shots yearly. I am planning to talk to the vet about going every 3 years on distemper shots when I am in this week.

ETA: I don't vaccinate for FeLV as IMO it's mostly worthless. I have indoor kitties & outdoor kitties - in the winter where they live changes ( there is a heated shop, plus some come in the house).
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My situation is different too but I commented on the closest one.

My babies get the kitten series of vaccines - here in NZ that doesn't include the one year vaccine. So just the 10 week and 13-14 week booster shots for my cats.
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My cats are indoor-only. I vaccinate for rabies yearly. The Merial Purvax (non-adjuvanted) shot is only approved for annual use at this point. I have had cats who reacted badly to the adjuvanted 3-yr shot.

They get their distemper shots every 3 yrs. Lola is due for her 1 yr distemper booster, then she will be on the 3-yr schedule.

After losing a cat to Fibrosarcoma, I am very picky about what vaccinations they get and how often.
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I answered that I vaccinate yearly, but I think I need to explain that. My vet has my cats on a 3 year rotation. They get 3 differnt shots, but only recieve one a year. (hopefully that makes sense). If I did not volunteer at a shelter, I would not vaccinate. As crew leader I have direct contact with new cats & sick cats. Due to this, I feel I need to protect them from anything I might bring home.
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I vaccinate my indoor cats yearly because we go to shows. I will reduce to every other year when they retire from shows and breeding.
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I would vaccinate kittens followed by 1 year boosters, then every 3/5 years for FVRCP only ...
always charted on the leg.
No Rabies for my indoor kitties, ever.
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i used to vaccinate our first 4 yearly and then i started reading about some of the harm they can do so the next 5 got the initial vaccines and that's it. they do get their regular vet exams but w/out vaccines.
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Luvbug and Lil' Jag receive their 3 year Rabies vaccinations and their 4 in one shot per vets advice (every 3-5 years) since they do go outside under supervision. They don't get their FELV since the initial vaccination. Kuce doesn't et the vaccines because her health is borderline (she may be going into CRF and the vet doesn't recommend it yet.) If the laws change for the rabies then we will discuss it with the vet and maybe give her the one year rabies.
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I only vaccinate my adult cats for rabies. They did get all the usual vaccines as kittens, and for the first few years as adults, before I learned about over-vaccination.

All my future cats will have just the FVRCP as kittens, and from then on will only get rabies shots as required by law.

My cats live indoors, with supervised trips to the yard. They never meet strange cats.
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