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I was running my hands down Max and I noticed that on one of his back legs there feels like bumps under his skin. I mean it's not smooth like the other leg. Is that normal? There does not seem to be anything wrong with him. He jumps, plays and snuggles as usual. Anyone have any thoughts?
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Could be pimple, an isect bite, etc. - personally I'd have him checked out. I would rather err on the side of safety then go the what if route.
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There are more than one. It almost feels like knots all the way down his leg. Under the skin. I think I will call the vet.
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I think that's wise. Let us know how it went!

[[[[[kisses]]]]] to your furbaby
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The vet says he does not think it is anything to worry about. There is no change in behavior and he does not favor it. He said if I want him to take a look at it, it was fine with him, but thought it would be a waste of my money. He said if I saw him licking it or favoring it, then an appointment would be warranted.
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Thanks Hellen for answering my post. I appreciate your concern.
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Oh, I am glad you called the Vet--AND that he did not think it was something to worry about right now. Hope he stays healthy!
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