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My Kitten 'M' is Missing!

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I cannot find my kitten, I have no idea where he went! I work overnight, and he was here when I left last night, my girlfriend was here and said she saw him last night a few hours before bed but doesn't remember for sure after that.

I think he may have slipped out when she went out for a smoke or something? I tore apart my aparment, I checked everywhere, behind everything, under everything, on top of everything, nothing.

My other cat is 9 months, and he seems really stressed. He keeps sniffing around the apartment and won't stop meowing, and he is really lovey today too.

I have no idea what to do, I live in apartments so I put up like 10 lost kitten signs around the complex, I spent the last 2 hours looking for him outside and putting up signs.

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Sending mega prayers and vibes that you find "M" very soon!! There are many times that a kitten just goes off & hides for hours on end, worrying us sick, and then nonchalantly reappear But because of your other cat's behavior, I think that M may have gotten out - if you can alert the children in the apts., they may help you find him. "M" is a really cute name, by the way Please keep us posted!!! Susan
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I put up tons of signs around the complex with "LOST KITTEN" in huge letters. I am broke so I can't offer a reward so I am hoping someone out there is still genuine and will return him for free.

I am really worried, and I have to try to go to sleep it sucks, I work at 10 tonight again.

In the back of my mind I hope he is out having an awesome cat adventure, but I still can't help but worry, I live on the corner of a very busy intersection, the complex is large and has lots of places to hide so I hope he is just hiding in a bush somewhere.

My other cat, boots, is still running around meowing, but finally took a nap just now.

I attached a pic I took yesterday with my cell, he was born in January, seems a little small right? He's a maine coone tabby mix.
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No luck yet. I get off work in an hour, and I am going to look for him again around the complex.

I put food and water outside my front door last night, hopefully he will see it or something!

We call him "M" because on his forehead he has a dark gray M.
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Many vibes he comes home soon
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