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Natural Balance Ultra dry for a kitten?

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I currently feed this to both of my adult cats along with the wet food. I was curious if this has adequate nutrition for a kitten(9 weeks old).
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Its fine, but I would consider at least for the next 2-3 months to get the NB Kitten foods so the kitten has more calories.
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Do they make a kitten formula I've never seen it at my Petco?
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The Ultra Premium says its for kittens to adults. If you go to Petco's website it shows you three different types of Natural balance dry food.
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NB IS an all stage ... NO kitten only is okay for a kitten but IMHO kitten food is better
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I thought I saw kitten food in NB - maybe it was in the canned foods. I'm getting canned foods today, so will double check and see if there is a dry NB kitten food at Petco.
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I used to feed NB for my Westie, since it was a Limited Ingredient Diet. It is an all stage food. Here is what they state on their website:
"Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance® Ultra Premium and L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Cat Food is made for All Life Stages and provides premium nutrition for kittens to adults. In Nature, your pets would not have the choice of kitten formulas, nor lighter formulas for their senior years; they would simply live on a diet of mostly meat and and some grain. In a natural free environment, animals instinctively eat more or less, depending on their age and activity level.

The Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance® Cat Formulas above contain all the nutrition kittens need to grow up strong and healthy!"
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Thank you!! everyone for the replies I decided to just feed her the NB it has to be better than the 9 lives the breeder was feeding her. I also put a little of the NB in with the 9 lives and she picked out all of the NB
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