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Guess what's been under my house

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So my dogs Jimmy (Great Dane) and Sweetgrass (Husky) just caught a skunk in the backyard. Sweetgrass pulled it out from under the house so she smells terrible, I think she dropped it and then Jimmy got it so he smells but not as bad. They'll be sleeping in the back room tonight.
I feel bad, Jimmy always sleeps with me so he's gonna be bummed. For those of you who havent smelled skunk spray close up its 50x worse.
Sweetgrass got a catsup bath but I dont think it helped at all. My plan is to be at work at 7, get a few bottles of skunk off, head back home and wash the dogs, be back at work at 11:30, algebra class at 5. AHH!
What upsets me most I think is how my dogs seem to have a pretty strong prey drive when they encounter things in the back yard. They chased a cat once and they were shaking the skunk all over the place. The cold blooded brats. The skunk wandered off, hopefully it's ok but will find another home. Not sure how I'll get rid of it if it stays. Also hoping it doesnt die under the house and start smelling. I probably woke up half of the neighborhood yelling at them to drop it. Uggg.
I'm thinking tomorrow is gonna be a Red Bull day.
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I found a recipe that worked well to de-skunk a dog:
1 Qt. hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 tsp. Dawn
Dawn dish soap before washing them in any shampoo, or really anything, is supposed to help keep the oil/smell from soaking into their fur. My coco was skunked at around 11PM to midnight a few months back. I feel your pain!

Are the dogs UTD on rabies shots?
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Yeah, theyre all set on their shots. But I didnt see any blood or traces of blood so hopefully everbody is ok. I wonder if a different dish soap will work. I dont know what mine is but I dont think it's dawn. I'll have to check how much peroxide I have left...ugg, I've already taken two showers today, I don't want to have to take another...good grief.
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Skunk juice is very oily, and Dawn cuts grease better than most detergents. So find whatever you have that is the best degreaser and use that on them. Tomato juice baths are a myth.
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I mixed dog shampoo with baking soda--making almost a paste and then washed my dog. It worked with one go!

My dogs got sprayed on night several years ago around 2 am. The skunk happened to be by my outside air intake unit for the air conditioner and it just cycled on at that moment. Can you say "Skunk spray sucked into the vents and sent ALL through the house?" It was horrible.

Oh yeah, my in-laws were also staying that weekend and I was planning a big party. PLUS, my dogs go in/out via a pet flap and they came in and rolled all over the furniture. To top it off, I'd just set out $200 worth of new Foster and Smith pet beds.

I was beyond frustrated....

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