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What could be wrong with Tiki???

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For about a month and a half, Tiki has been having problems with his stomach. He will cry and cry for a few minutes and then poop on the floor. It is very loose stools and has some drops of red blood, which I assume is blood from straining.

About month ago we saw the vet. The stool sample revealed no parasites. She gave us antibiotic and a powder probiotic. The antibiotic was super tough to give him, but we were finally able to give him his proper dosage for a week.

The last time this happened was 2 weeks ago. We finished the antibiotic a week ago. Since 2 weeks had passed I thought he was OK and the meds worked. Well today, it happened again!!!

I have to call the vet tomorrow. She mentioned doing bloodwork and other tests. I am cringing thinking of the expenses this will cause, but know we have to do it for poor Tiki! She mentioned irritable bowel syndrome and a couple other things it may be.

Has anone experienced this?? There is plenty of stool in his litterbox, so I know he does go regularly. But, just every once in a while he has one of these "attacks" What can it be???!!!
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How old is Tiki? What are you feeding him?
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Look of the label of his food, what % is the fiber?

My thoughts are anal gland, IBS, low fiber, tumor in lower digestive tract, ulcers, ect... Let us know what the vet says! Get a blood panel for sure.
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Tiki is 3 years old. He eats NutroMax dry food. I checked the fiber and it says 3%. Is that good or bad?? We have an appt tomorrow night at the vet! I was also thinking IBS or IBD. The vet says the next step is a blood test...I really hope it is nothing serious!!!
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Doubt it's the food. Ohhh wait, you realize that there was a recall not too long ago with Nutro, right? Did Tiki eat any of the food that was recalled?
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Kat - yes, his food was recalled. This started a week before the recall announcement. But, we had been feeding him the same bag of food for like 5 months prior to that! Seems like a big coincidence that he just started getting sick the week before the recall. Anyways, we changed his food. The vet did not seem to think that could be the problem. I will ask again when I go tonight!
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I would be very suspicious.

Nutro claims that no cats have got sick from the recall... I have seen various reports othersise, just google "nutro recall." In fact my crew ate the recalled crap too, and I suspect that it wasn't just a coincidence that they had loose stools and vomited right before I found out about the recall. All symptoms went away when I went to a different brand.

Tell your vet to check your cat's zinc and potassium levels, then you would know for sure. Blood tests are $ but if it was zinc & potassium Tiki would probably get fluids and my guess would be supplements if the zinc & potassium were low. Nutro never said if the levels were too low or too high.

Good luck, I hope it's not the recalled food or anything serious!

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Thanks for all of your advice!

The vet called and his bloodwork came back perfect! I spoke to her about the Nutro food and she suggested not feeding him that brand anymore. I read some horror stories online about Nutro, and am definitely switching him to another brand!!

In 3 weeks I have to follow up with the doctor. If Tiki still is not back to normal, he may need an ultrasound Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
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for Tiki!
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I read those Nutro claims too, not sure how valid they are, but it is something to keep in mind when feeding it.

I am SO glad that her bloodwork was good, that is fantastic news!

Does the vet have any ideas as to what it might be? I hope the check up appt goes good.
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