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So typically Bill!

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We love this cat!

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How could you not love him? He's adorable!
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what a sweet little face
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He is SUCH a sweet kitty. It broke our hearts to have to adopt his brother separately, but we felt lucky just to find a home for one of them. But this cutie-patootie will walk right up onto our laps, and kind of brush his cheek against our faces... he gives kitty kisses, and pulls our hands to him when he wants pets..... And he is ALWAYS on his back with his legs either like the little bunny rabbit or sticking all out everywhere!

....and I figured out why he always looks a little "bug-eyed" to me. All our other B&W kitties have HUGE white "eye brow" whiskers. Bill's are black, so you can't see them.

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What a totally gorgeous guy!! And you can see his lovely soul in those beautiful eyes.
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Look at that laid back baby I bet he really knows that he's been so lucky in finding a home with you all Laurie
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Awww, he's adorable
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I love his gorgeous eyes. What a sweetie Bill is.
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