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Trying to decide what cat shows to got to/There are so many choices now!!!

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I am trying to decide what cat shows to go to in November and December.
I have 5 shows to choose from.
In November there are 2 CFA shows and a TICA show that was just added.
I was going to both the CFA shows in November but have decided to do the TICA show.
Should I do all 3 shows or just 2 shows.
I might be showing 3 cats in TICA by then also.
It depends on when my sister gets the Bengal and I get my sphynx.
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Lots to decide Jacky. I wouldn't burn yourself our. My limit for cat shows a month is 4 -- oh right that's one a weekend!

I was going to a 4 ring show in August - 5 hours away and have just scrapped it off my show calandar. I can now afford to pay to get my car registered!
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Depends more on your finances. But I will tell you that 3 shows in one month is pretty hard on the cats. Jack had 3 kitten shows in May - one too many. He really was not happy the entire weekend of the 3rd show even if he made all 8 finals.

He gets his vacation in June and July - we have one August show, one September show, and 2 October shows. Nothing after that till in January.

I will not put Jack in more then one or two shows in a month. Willing to bet that even my super show cat, Spooky would not have been happy doing 3 shows in one month and he was shown since 4 months old and up till he was about 6 or 7 yrs !
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I have not shown Cleo since May.
The next two shows are CFA.
Her next show is August 8th and it is 6 Rings.
Then I show her Sept 6th and that is 6 Rings also.
The October show is 3 and it is TICA.
I will do theTICA show in November also which was just added and is 2 days.
I will skip one of the November CFA shows but need to decide what one not to go to.
Thay are all 2 day shows so far.
I will ask my mentor what show has judges that like sphynx.
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I try and only do 2 a month max. and not 2 in a row but it depends on judges. If there's someone I really want to see judging I'll go.
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Well I do not have to decide wshow not to go to.
The Fresno Show has been cancelled.
I will go to the CFA San Jose Show 11/7-11/8 and the TICA Show in Pleasanton 11/28-11/29.
My Mentor told me 2 of the judges at the CFA show do not like sphynx.
She has no idea who likes sphynx in TICA because she does not show in TICA very much.

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You guys: How much does it cost in average, to show a cat, provided you are not staying in a hotel?
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Average (8 ring show) is $45-48 per cat. Usually a little bit of a discount for 3rd or more entry.
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The difference between you guys in the US and myself...I actually have to FLY where the shows are and I also need to settle ALL the quarantine issues. This is the first time in about 3 years I did NOT go to Bangkok for the usual CFCT July show - and I thank god I didn't. I'm exhausted. Otherwise, July would have looked like this:

July 5 - Master Clerking in Singapore (we can't show there) (also the rosette maker)
July 12 - Show in Bangkok
July 18/19 - 6 rings in KL, I am the show manager (also the rosette maker)
July 24-25 - 6 rings in HK (also the rosette maker!)

4 shows in 4 different countries...I would kill for 4 shows within 5 - 6 hours drive!

On the other hand, we get bigger breaks inbetween shows....
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I pay $72-$76 when I show in CFA but I have the double cage.
I have no idea what TICA will charge.
That must be hard having to go to other countries to show all the time.
I am thinking of showing in some other states later on.
Our shows are every month.
I bet your shows are great.
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