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Hello my name is shawn and my girlfriend and I just recently (about a week ago) found a stray kitten who was orphaned by her mother and we have no clue why. I am writing this because we have never hand raised a kitten before and I believe there is sumthing wrong with her. yesterday she had one bowel movement and it looked normal. I recently changed her formula to a thinner thickness because she had Diaherra and I read that she had it because her formula was to rich so i reduced the richness of it but today she has been urinating fine but when we try to stimulate her bowel she starts stratching and biting and crying (Meowing) really loud it sounds almost like she is in pain. is there anything i can do to help her. is canola oil okay to use as a laxitive for her to go to the bathroom? I heard the vegetable oil is safe and also canola oil is better than vegetable oil? but is it safe for cats? any help would be appreciated. She is also eating well and sleeping fine she plays and everything im just stumped