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...must stay focused...

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so...I haven't slept yet...not quite done with what I need to do by noon so I do have seven and a half more hours but I am losing focus as the brain is fighting against the body's will. haven't done this in a long time, any suggestions? ideas to keep awake and alert?
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if you're sitting, you could stand and raise up on your toes about 10 times. blood accumulates in your feet and seat if yoy're sitting too long, when you pump your calves, you circulate the blood through your body again. you could also do some stretches or some jumping jacks to get yourself moving.
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I am not sure why you are trying to stay awake, something i must have missed..
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Thanks Brenda, I shall try that.

To graduate I must have everything in by noon. One of my assignments fell apart on me at the last moment and I spent way too much time trying to make it work. Well I neglected everything else I should have been doing so I am making up for it now. So far I think I am doing ok. I can get this done if I can just maintain concentration. And alertness.
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Well good luck!!!
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Ice in a towel on the neck and face!
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Ooooh! I likes!

Ugh...still awake. heh. Fingers are starting to cramp up tho. Two hours and forty five minutes left to get everything done. Grrrrr.
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Well you can't get it done hangin out here! LOL

Good luck!
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good ole graduation huh? I'm soo happy I got done with that on May 2.. Good luck
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*giggles* I find I am most productive when there is something else going on. If it's really quiet I either begin to fall asleep or become distracted by randomn thoughts. And at three in the morn neighbors don't appreciate the noise. hehe.

Well I didn't get it done. I have until Monday now...I guess...odd. Still means little sleep since I have to work all weekend long. I can't wait to graduate!

What did you major in Annabelle?
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