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Cats and Birds Problem

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Also trying here in addition to behavior....possibly someone else may see it

Hello, My cats are both in an enclosure when they go outside. It is a part of my long deck plus a 10 foot wide area all of it completely surrounded by high deer fencing. I even have the deer fencing covering at least half of the top area up to the deck. There are many wild animals here so the fence is dug in and anchored down by rocks. The cats are never allowed outside of it. The problem I am having is occasionally birds keep coming into this area and being caught. No, they aren't getting stuck in the covered area which I figured at first, they are choosing to fly low over the open area. I have a small fountain in this uncovered area which I have set up to make a LOT of noise. It doesn't have an open area of water that would attract a bird, just a noisy fountain part. We live on a lake so there is lots of water around. I also have a 4 foot tall clanging windchime there which is usually chiming and can be scary in itself, several smaller windchimes, bells plus a bunch of spinning swirling shiny hanging things in hope to keep the birds away. Lots of things happening there and it still doesn't scare all of them away. I don't feed the birds but we have trees therefore birds. I can't possibly cover the entire area with deer fencing and the cats do enjoy being outside during nice weather. I don't want to keep them inside just because of the birds. Its a controlled environment, well, except for the birds! Does anyone have any other suggestions for keeping birds away?
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It sounds like you are doing everything possible to keep the birds safe.
I would suggest possibly bird netting over the area, but I've honestly never thought bird net was all that safe.
I think of birds getting caught in it which is far worse than a quick death from a cat.

Maybe hang disposable pie tins from the tree?
Ugly I know, but there does seem to be varying degrees of success with it.
Or maybe an owl decoy or two.
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or some old cd's.
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