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Dog ate entire bag of cat treats!

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I know this is a cat forum but, I just woke up with a sick dog and was wondering if anyone else had this happen to them. My 15 year old dachshund ate a whole bag of Bil-Jac cat treats. I went to petsmart yesterday and got some things and had a new unopened bag of treats in the bag on a chair and I guess she got into the bag. I found the bag of treats chewed open this morning and a sick bloated dog. I was wondering if I should do anything or just let her be for a while. She is trying to throw them up, but no luck so far. I feel really bad for her, she doesnt seem to be in any real pain, just looks so uncomfortable. The cats all look fine, I think the dog is the only one who got any treats! I keep the treats where they cant get to them usually, I just left these in the bag unopened and I guess she smelled them through the package. Just wondering if anyone else has had anything like this happen to them.
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She's looking like she is feeling a bit better now! Thank goodness!
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Years ago, we had a Bassett Hound that eat a whole CAKE. (he used a chair to get on the table) He did not feel too good, then he got the runs, if you know what I mean. So you might put him outside when it starts.
You might also watch him, just incase he does not pass the cat treats. You do not want him to get stopped up.
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She is feeling better now, she is outside sitting by the goldfish pond, looking much better. She looked like she would explode early this morning! She will eat anything! She used to go into my purse for mints and gum too.
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TEEHEE--Your dog sounds like my DD's dog--who makes an annual trip into the cupboards and raids them! Well, it WAS annual, as my DD thought the dog would not do this again, and put the treats back, after almost a year, into the place they had previously been, before the cupboard got raided. About a month later, the dog repeated what it had done, the year before, so the treats are PERMANENTLY moved!
My kitty, Spike, raided MY cupboard and ate all the DOG treats that I had there, for when my DD visits here!!! HE will eat ANYTHING--and I mean ANYTHING(he ate woodchips right before I rescued him!!!!!!--YIKES!)
p.s. Glad your little doggie is feeling better now!
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One of our German Shepherds that we used to have would go nuts for chewing gum! She would pull it out of my purse, or even open the drawer that it was stored in and eat the whole pack! I finally had to stop buying it. I didn't chew gum for 10 years because of her! LOL

Glad your dog is doing better.
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My Kitties and my Min Pin Ceasar will make a plan to raid the kittie and dog treats. I know that they talk amongst themselves to get to them. The cats will get on the counter and knock them down on the floor where Ceasar will grab the box and take off with it to eat the whole thing. He is soo greedythen he is miserable

Since the last incident of this the treats are in a canister that the boys can't get into with a latch on it. I don't know what I will do then besides put the treats under lock and key
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