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New "Green" Toys

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We've planted and grown a garden for the first time this year. We sometimes leave our day's harvest out on the kitchen counter overnight if we don't consume what we've harvested. Twice, Hannah's knocked off an okra pod and batted it around the kitchen, through the den, and into the living room. We've had to pick up slimy piece of okra and slimy little seeds that have managed to escape during her mutilation play. This past Thursday night, she got some of the green beans off the counter and was playing with them. This time she batted the poor mutilated bean into the bathroom while I was soaking in the bathtub and left it for me as a "prize"!

Silly kitty!! We've learned to either cover the produce, put it in the fridge, or put it in some kind of container with a lid.
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You need to try leaving corn on the cob out on the counter sometime. I'm not sure if they like the cornsilk or the husks better. Koko gets whacko with them.

My cats have proven that pepper spray is not a deterant. We grow hot peppers in our garden, and every year the cats will bat them around and nibble on them if I don't put them away right away. Imagine my surprise when I watched a cat take a bite out of a jalepeno one time - had they stopped with 1 bite I wouldn't have been surprised, but they took another and another and another.
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