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I'll be calling my vet about this tomorrow, but I need some advice. Carter, as I've posted in the past, has ongoing skin allergies. We have tried so many different things for him but he shrugged off every last one of them, all the way up to putting him on Atopica. The next step would have been allergy screening and giving him injections based on the results, but he and I will be moving to Texas quite soon and we had to hold off. I'm really positive that a pollen-free environment may finally cure him.

Except now that I've come back from Texas after signing off on the new place, I found a patch of little black bumps on his chest, near one of his legs. They're in a place where he's gotten scabs during flare-ups of his skin allergies before, so when I first felt them, I just assumed it was another flareup. Now that I finally got him calm enough to look them over, I noticed they're actually black. I don't know if they're scabs either.

Poor kitty can't catch a break. Does anyone else have an idea of what could be going on? I want to have something to offer to the vet in the morning when I call. I'm so nervous about it being something even worse.