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Weekend Daily Thread: Sun. July 12

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Good morning peeps

Tis a nice sunny day here today.... Not too hot, but very bright.

My DD is off to the beach with a friend, my other DD has been at a friends over night and will be home sometime today....

Maybe its a good day for a drive. Mark hasn't had the car out much this year since he's away for work all the time.

I'm going to see if the local shelter is open today, I think it is.... I want to see if they would take Brandy's leftover food/treats, and 4 tubes of Revolution. I'd like to see someone have use of it. I emailed them yesterday, but if we're out and about today, I'll stop in. I don't know if they will take the food or not, it's not in the bag....we normally bought the big bags and dumped it in a pail beside where she ate and scooped it from there. But I hope they can use some of it.

So nothing really planned.... Gonna catch up on here/emails/etc. the off to shower and hopefully have an active day.

Have a great day folks
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Morning All!!!

Sunny and cool here this morning as well.

Have a couple of things to do today but they shouldn't take to long. Woke up with a bit of a headache this morning so am hoping it goes away shortly.

The kitties are all window watching, lots of people out watering and cutting their lawns this morning so that is keeping them amused.

Everyone have a great day
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We're having a mild thunderstorm here right now. It's supposed to be sunny later today. Just finishing the chores I didn't finish yesterday, then am going to play with my new embroidery machine.
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We are going to breakfast with friends in a bit...then this afternoon going to my moms for a bbq!
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Afternoon all!

Just got back from work. Had a spay/neuter day today for our local TNR group and it went great!! 7 females and 6 males...all in 4 hours! All seemed healthy for the most part. Also, 4 feral kittens got trapped with the adults so we're keeping them to foster and hopefully adopt out. Only one is a real hissy pants, but they're all pretty young (6wks-10wks approximately) so I'm pretty sure they'll all be adoptable! One of our good clients that is part of the TNR also found 3 kittens by her house (momma got run over, ), so, since we're big suckers, we're taking them too. And we have a pregnant female that was roaming around our receptionist's house that we're fostering. She's got 3 or 4 babies, and looks like they'll be here in about two weeks! How we went from having all of our kittens adopted to having 7 and 3 on the way is beyond me...

Anyway, the rest of the day is devoted to continuing cleaning and going through junk.

Have a great rest of the weekend everybody!
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Good Afternoon. We had a very stormy night. Boy DS didn't sleep well. Which means the parents didn't either.

We have to clean, paint, shop & before Wednesday night. I can't find the motivation to do anything. Hopefully we can get something done today.

Kitties are all napping. The A/C is still on cause DS is napping peacefully. The sound of the back door opening wakes him up which is where we are.
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I have no idea what the weather is like outside yet! I've been lounging all day watching little house on the prarrie. But I'm starting to think of doing something productive. I'm kind of limited because I still don't always get around well on my new knee. It's doing much better but mostly at very short distances and not being up for longer then 20 minutes or so at a time. But I may at least go shopping somewhere they have motorized carts or something!
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It's beeea-utiful here today...high 70's and clear as a bell! I went to the fabric store where they were having a sale, and picked up some 99 cent patterns and a rotary cutting board that I got at a great price!

Later today I'm taking a friend of mine to Hamburger Mary's for dinner for taking care of my kitties while I was out of town, and then we're going to a Cubs game tonight (I got free tickets!).

Fun day!
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It's in the eighties here, which we consider cool. . I served at the eleven o'clock Church service today, then we went to lunch . Yesterday I had looked at computer chairs at OFFICE DEPOT and had found a style that I liked and went back and got one. I had all intentions of getting a black one but I decided on a pink chair instead. LOL.
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