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It seems every morning now Symphony will have a good exercise on the curtain. She'll climb right up the curtain right to the very top and meow at me as if to say "Look what I can do mamma!"

I am not amused but I know if i keep going over to her and telling her off when she does it I'll just be letting her think she gets attention when she does it. So I usually very calmly remove her from the curtain and place her firmly on the ground and walk away but she just runs up the curtain even faster.

I guess maybe it's her age (shes five months) but I wonder if she'll grow out of it or if I'll end up with very holy curtains . Also Amadeus seems to be trying to copy her now only he's not so agile and ends up swinging from the bottom of the curtain with a bemused look on his face, "Symphony how you climb up it huh?"

oh kittens !!!