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Eye problem

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A few days ago I noticed that Willow was winking her left eye a lot. She gets into play tussles with Gizmo sometimes, so I figured that they got too rambunctious and he might have poked her in the eye by accident. I was hoping it would go away on its own, but it was starting to get a little weepy, I took her into the vet yesterday. They did a stain, and couldn't find any scratches on the cornea, but the tissues around the eye were a little inflamed. The vet recommended monitoring. Since the discharge isn't colored, she doesn't think it was an infection.

Today the eye seems to be about the same, but she keeps rubbing at it. So tomorrow it's off to the pet store for that ultimate fashion accessory:

How many stitches do you think I'll need when I try to put it on her?
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I'm surprised they didn't give you the soothing gel/lubricating stuff to put in her eye. My older kitty gets eye infections at least twice a year. We get the lubricating stuff and an antibiotic drop. Works like a charm.
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