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Smell question

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I have noticed a couple of times recently when I have picked up/handled/petted my foster boy Ghost that there is this terrible smell - like vomit/bile - but there is no puke. It is on my hands so its not gas. Could it be anal gland fluid or his saliva that smells like this.. ? It turns my stomach and makes me feel ill! He has been licking himself there a lot the last couple of days... at least he has in front of me.

It is not sulfrous like intestinal gas - believe me - I have smelled cat poots ... and that's not what this smells like.
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How old is he?
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My Dory sometimes stinks. He has rotten breath, but no bad teeth. When he grooms himself - he licks his fur, transferring that nasty smell over. That is one possibility.
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Yeah, I was wondering if he was around tooth-loss age, 5 months or so. Chay was losing teeth then, and his breath stank, and made him stink whenever he cleaned himself. He grew out of it though, as soon as he had his adult teeth in.
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All of my cats have gingavites (sp??) anyway, they have no tartar build up just the other and the gums are red, and the breath is bad. So we are to use the stuff we got at the vet in the water.....but no one will drink the water with the stuff in it. So oh freaking well.
So I guess I'm gonna have to figure out how to rinse their mouths out.
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He is around 2 years old. My concern is if the smell is a sign that he is not well. I mean his breath/spit shouldn't smell like vomit/bile - should it? This doesn't happen with the other cats.
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It could be an impacted or infected anal gland. This is VERY smelly and very uncomfortable for the cat.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
It could be an impacted or infected anal gland. This is VERY smelly and very uncomfortable for the cat.

If you are noticing that he is grooming his rump more than normal, it very much could be impacted/infected glands. That is a very pungent smell that IMO, is like rotten urine. Sounds like a visit to the vet is in order on this one.
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