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Help please ~

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I've adpoted 3 kittens this week - all of them from different people.

I really need to know..

First, what are the odds of one of them having a transmittable disease if their mom was OK and they never went outside?

Second, I made the mistake of letting the two first kittens meet with my resident cat. So now I consider all of them potentially sick. The last kitten I adopted is 'quarantined' in the basement (don't worry, he has everything he needs). So my 2nd question is: I'd like to move this last kitten to my room as the one who is currently there does well outside of it. The only form of cleaning I did was to vaccum the whole floor of my room with a HEPA vaccum and washed it. Could there be anything left of the cat that was in my room (potentially sick) that could harm the 'clean' kitten? I've read that FeLV or one of those diseases is transmittable by hair so I'm very worried right now.

Thanks ~

PS:I am planning on taking all of my cats to the vet eventually.
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Hi and welcome to TCS. You have a lot of responsibility adopting 3 kittens from different origin. The most important issue is they absolutely, positively should be quarantined from one another and your other cat till they are vaccinated as well as given a thorough veterinary exam for fleas, mites, worms, parasite and/or other contagion.....
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If you know for a fact that the moms were all healthy and neither their moms or the kittens have even been outside, there is a very slim chance that they would be sick.

I'm not sure how to answer your second question. Is your resident cat sick? If so, what are you suspecting to be the problem? Depending on what you suspect the illness to be, vacuuming would not be enough.

FeLV is most often transmitted thru mating, fighting, or transmission from a mother to her kittens while in the womb. It can be transmitted thru casual contact (grooming, sharing food/litter), but that usually takes a long time to do. FeLV is extremely fragile outside of its host and usually dies in a matter of hours. Your kitten is not going to pick up FeLV from some loose fur in the house.
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