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My kittens - 4 mos. old

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Logan aka Wolverine or Mr. Bigglesworth (DBF named him)

Nacho asking "what are you looking at?"

Both kittens studying the black/orange mouse carefully.

quick blurb about me: I've posted on the New Cats on the Block section already my boyfriend and I have adopted these twin kittens a few weeks ago. they were born to a feral mom, whom the rescuer trapped, fixed and released after the kittens were weaned. they are going to live with us full-time next week when we move into our new apt, for now they are staying with DBF's mom. I'll probably be posting more photos of them once we all get settled in at the new digs. Thanks for looking!
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They are so adorable! I hope you get settled in a new home with them as soon as possible, this is the most impressionable age for them.
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Welcome to TCS! Your kittens are absolutely adorable. Love their names!
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They are both cute
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Your kitties are very cute! Welcome to TCS!
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They're darling!!!
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They are so adorable. Welcome!
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Wolverine I had a foster kitten named Wolverine - love the name!

They are adorable - especially Nacho's markings!
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They are cuties.
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Oh dear !! !!!!! What simply stunning babies you have. Those markings on Nacho too adorable ! welcome to the site !!!
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They are both very sweet!!!!
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