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Originally Posted by Jessy View Post
it's important that I'm not stressy and upset around her, as it will make her upset too.
It is hard I know i was convinced the vet was going to say the marks on Sophies ears were cancerous even before i took her in, but thankfully they weren't.

Your mind just goes into overdrive on things like this
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And, to top it all, I have to settle the vets bills myself and then claim the money back from the insurance.
We're talking £2 - £3K here, how are people just supposed to magic up that kind of money! Neither veterinary practices will claim from my insurance on my behalf, I have to pay first. I guess I just have to get a loan in the meantime.
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Jessy are you sure?. Linny(Jaffacake) had insurance for Kitty but i can't remember her saying that she had to pay upfront first?.

Try sending her a pm to ask, if she doesn't get back to you today let me know because i can give her a quick ring
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I do have to pay upfront, it's on the website of the clinic :-(
Here: http://www.dickwhitereferrals.com/site/P1721.html
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I wonder if it's just the clinics policy then?

I know Linny said her money came through quite quickly, so even if you have to get a loan you can pay it straight off.

Can no on loan you it rather than go to the bank?
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Phew, I just called the clinic, and I have to take in a claim form, my insurance policy and a credit or debit card details for them to keep on record, just in case, and they will do a direct claim for me.

Phew, I'm off home to look after my girls now
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Aww there you go!. One less thing to worry about I thought it strange that they would do that?.

You relax with your babies tonight and keep us updated tomorrow.

More healthy for Villy
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I took Villy to the specialist this morning. It's really smart, I'm impressed with the place. The vet, Rob, is really nice, he was kind with Villy and explained everything very thoroughly to me.
She still has some fluid in her chest cavity.
She has to stay in and have what sounds like almost every test under the sun! They will start with an x-ray, and blood tests again, and drain the fluid away, she'll maybe have an ECG? the heart one? and a scan too. Then they will update me. The prognosis is still either a heart problem or a tumour. Either way, bad news. My poor baby :-(
She looked so small when they took her away to the ward in the carrier, I just wanted to go with her and cuddle her.
She'll be in there until at least Monday.
She was doing really well last night, she was walking round the garden, looking at the birds, trying to chase things, and she even ran over to me a couple of times. It just seems insane that a cat who can sometimes seem so healthy can be so ill. I'm glad she's having some good times, I just hope she has plenty more good times.
I love you my sweetie, wishing I could be with you
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Awww bless her little heart

Villy's going to be well looked after at the weekend, so try and not worry too much. Just keep thinking that she's in good hands, and even if it is heart problems or the other (I hate saying the C word!), always remember, where theres life theres hope, but i know you won't give up on her

If you need to talk were here

More healthy coming over
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Thanks Susan, I just want her healthy and home I miss my baby so much this is so tough, sometimes it's overwhelming.
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Lots of that it's just a minor heart problem, and that the two of you don't have too traumatic a weekend.
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Originally Posted by Jessy View Post
I just want her healthy and home I miss my baby so much this is so tough, sometimes it's overwhelming.
I know you do, when it comes to our babies we all do

She's in good hands, and they'll be constantly checking on her

Can you ring them over the weekend just to see how she's doing?
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Hi! I hope there's a solution to Villy's health issue!
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Hi, Villy is still in the hospital. It's difficult for me to post over the weekend as I don't have a computer.
They have drained the fluid from her chest, and it's not coming back too fast.
She's been bright and eating well.
So far they have done an ECG, and there are a couple of small problems with her heart - one slightly leaky valve, and the muscle is slightly enlarged on one side, but most cats could carry on as normal with those issues, and not show any symptoms at this stage.
They have analysed the fluid from her chest cavity, and it is part blood, part something else. It has a high content of cells which are produced by the immune system.
A lymph node at the front of her chest is enlarged, and they took some cells from it to find out why it's enlarged, but they couldn't get enough cell to tell, so today she has been put under anasthetic and they have taken a larger amount of cells to analyse.
Basically her immune system is over reacting to something, and there could either be a tumour or just a tissue mass.
I'm waiting for a call back from the vet right now to let me know how she got on today. I'm really nervous as she has anasthetic today.
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Poor baby Hopefully they'll ring you soon, but have a note pad ready to take notes, and remember to ask any questions you have.

Lots of healthy coming for Villy
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You and Villy have certainly been through a lot Sending so many vibes that way to your little girl
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Ok, so she has something called chyro thorax? The fluid that's leaking is something that passes through the chest anyway.
The cells in the lymph node were benign lymphocytes, phew.
The plan now is, she's coming home tomorrow
She'll be on two types of drug, one will help her re-absorb the fluid, and also a diuretic to help her pass any excess fluid.
She has to go back in ten days so that they can have a look at her and re-asses what to do.
She hasn't gained any weight, but she han't lost any either.
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Not losing any weight is a really good sign for her right now! If you can start with maintaining her weight, then you can hopefully get her to gain some more as she starts to feel better! I'll run around online and see what I can find on Lil Villy's condition, make a few calls to my friend who's in school to be a vet, and we'll see what we come up with. Many many to her in the meantime, and to you too! Stay positive and don't stress out too much! We're all here hoping for the best!
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That is FANTASTIC news!!!!!!

What a brave kitty.
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Awwww Jessy that's great news!!! You must be so relieved

Lots more healthy for good measure coming for Villy
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Is she home yet?
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Villy's home!
She's looking very small, and a bit sad, but fairly perky. She's been eating
I have got to give her lots of meds tonight though :-(
Her condition - chyro thorax is really rare apparently, my vet only sees about 2 cases of it per year.
There's no apparent reason for the fluid leaking, it just does.
We just have to see how she gets on with the meds now, if they help shrink the enlarged lymph node and help her re-absprb the fluid.
My poor girl
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I just did a search for chyle and chyrothorax on here. I shouldn't have done that
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Well at least you won't be totally shocked with this illness....I do the same thing ...I research everything online.....I hope she continues to eat and feels well for a long time....
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Don't assume that because some people had horrible experiences with chylothorax that things will be the same with Villi. Lots of that the meds do the trick, and that she's back to her old self soon.
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Tons of and healing prayers for your baby!
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According to this site prognosis is good under certain conditions. It seems like Villy must have a good prognosis and meet those conditions or the vet wouldn't have sent her home IMO.


We all google things when we shouldn't and let them scare us senseless, but all the negative stories we read don't necessarily fit our own cat's condition. When Riley was so sick last year I just knew he wasn't going to make it since I had been reading bad thing after bad thing. However, he is absolutely fine now so hopefully Villy will be the same
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Googling can be the worst thing you can do It makes things worse than they are.

Now that you've done it though, i'm sure everythings going around your head, so get writing questions down for when you go back to the vet and he can reassure you

Lots of coming for the meds to work
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Villy’s back in hospital.

She was doing well when she came home on Wednesday, and Thursday was good too, but she’s been gradually getting worse since. She’s still been bright, she was even sitting asking for some of our dinner last night, and wanted to go out yesterday morning, but she was obviously really having to put in a great deal of effort to breathe. Her whole little body was puffing up. I rang the vets, and they said that as she wasn’t open mouth breathing and her tongue wasn’t blue she’d be alright during the night. But then she just looked at me, and her pupils were huge, like she was scared, and she just looked so fed up with it, but she was trying to soldier on, so I called them and said we were on our way. We got there around 10.30 last night. The vet checked her over and said we did the right thing, bringing her in. She’s not in pain, it’s just really uncomfortable not being able to breathe. They put her in an oxygen chamber last night, and were going to drain her chest again. They will call me this morning and let me know how she’s doing.

I think the next step is surgery, so they can see what’s going on in her chest.
I’m so exhausted. I kept waking up in the night, shaking 

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and your little one. I have experience with chylousperitoneum. Build up of lymph fluid in the abdomen. It is very rare in cats my vet told me. I will send up a prayer for you both. Please keep us informed as best you can during this stressful time. Been there.
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